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Sparrow Knox

Sparrow Knox probably has the most energy out of any snowboarder alive today. Not only has he got bundles of energy, Sparrow is full of spontaneous ideas and when you combine those ingredients and add them to a natural snowboarding ability, you create one hell of a rider. In the past few seasons, Sparrow Knox has got some of the best known riders attention as being the guy to watch and consequently Halldor Helgason has put him on his own label Lobster Snowboards. Whilst Sparrow is loose as a goose, his riding ability can see him dominate, which he showed at The Onboard Mag send off Session, when he threw a backside rodeo over a massive gap between two shipping containers. Onlooker Peetu Piiroinen said it was the most insane trick he had ever seen anyone do. Whilst riders and industry people alike are calling Sparrow Knox a force to be reckoned with, he remains humble and seemingly unfazed by the compliments and here we talk to him about his energy levels, travelling with Halldor, multiple siblings and much more.

You never seem to be short of energy, what do you do to stay so alert?
Man, I always have and always will get natural energy from people, whether it’s making someone a cheese toasty to fill their hunger or having all the Homies hype you up at a spot to try something you’ll probs never land. We are often doing things in places where everything is new: new views, new people and so on so excitement is gonna naturally come..

by Theo Muse
Photo: Theo Muse

As well as being active, you always seem to be in a good mood, what if anything makes you sad?
Again it’s the people who surround you in this community that bring the smile to my face, good people doing good things combines for great times. Yeah everyone sometimes gets sad but you just have to tune yourself to a positive frequency that you want to be on.

You have spent a lot of time riding with Halldor for your board sponsor Lobster, what has riding and travelling with Halldor taught you? Are you both learning from each other?
Halldor is a creamy mo fo!! So yeah he got me onboard lobster snowboards well actually Ian Thrashmore put me in contact with him so thanks Ian! We actually just got back from a crazy team trip, keep ya eyes peeled. Riding together is allot of fun, he is an absolute beast on a snowboard, like I mean it’s f**ked how good this man is with a board strapped to his feet, but if that’s not enough he is such a genuine dude, always got time for people and will drink you under the table!! Ahahaha actually that reminds me, the last night we were in Reykjavik  I passed out after a messy one directly under his table! Thanks for the hospitality. Hahah


by James North
Photo: James North

You were are just in Iceland on a team trip, how was the week over there?
#lobstercreamweek was one for the books that’s for sure! Iceland’s finest Halldor & Eiki showed Fridtjof, Colin Wilson, Frank Bourgeois, Diggles, Teddy, Larrogs and myself around their beautiful hometown of Akureyri in northern Iceland for some adventures!! We had breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, hot springs in the exact mid point between North America and Europe, eating shit through volcano farts, The Black Death, The Grim Reaper, plenty of booze, insane views and a lot more!! The edit is gonna be sick!

You were one of the stars of our favourite movie of the year, The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding. Did you realise whilst being filmed that you would have such a big part of that movie and what response have you had since its release?
If you haven’t watched “The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding” then stop reading this, go on YouTube and enjoy easily the most interesting, unique and hilarious take on a ‘professional snowboarder’s ‘ lifestyle. One man and a cam, legendary human, Jerome Tanon strapped a handy cam to the top of his analog film camera capturing every trick, every slam on every spot! He got gold. When Jerome joined Niels, Louif Paradis and myself in Gulmarg, Kashmir I didn’t think much of the filming besides hell yeah why not? but when he shows us his movie trailer which genuinely took 2 and a half days to load on the dodgy internet we all knew it was gonna be a banger! Thank you Jerome for springing plenty of joy among the snowboarding world through your incredible movie. Man, I was just hyped to be in a film with such a great bunch of people, I ate shit, ate some more shit, talked about tricks I’ll never land and ended with a smile!

What do you think of the UK snowboard scene and do you think it’s harder to make it as a pro being from the UK?
The UK scene is sick, bunch of close homies who grew up riding ‘carpet’ or giant freezers together! So many G’s to name it! There was the whole Mk crew back in the day with Chatt, Neil, Dutton, Rene Bacon, Lemmon, Mikee, Revel, T, Carr, Gaz & Billy. Them was the squad when I was just a kid being like damn these guys are sick, then there is a dome like 150 miles up north where all Damian Doyle, JR, Smith Thrash and all these lot held it down so when events happened and we rode the other guys dome it was a cool feeling! Big up everyone who let me ride free!

You’ve got a lot of siblings that are all talented people in their own fields how many are there in the clan and what are their occupations?
Yeah it was pretty lucky to have my bros to ride with as a kid. There are 7 in the Knox clan, Ben, Josh, Tom, me, Maddie, Ty and Betty. Ben and Josh run the production company Cheekyfire, Tom is my inspiration on a skateboard, quick feel like no other, and the younger folks are just doing their thing, being 14 and tryna hook up with girls in your class and all that jazz.

by James North
Photo: James North

Does having that many siblings mean that you all push each other forward?
As kids it was the sickest just skating all the time and snowboarding when we could. If one of us leant a 180 or something the rest would be like waaaaaah, lemme try that and so on really. Natural progression whilst having the time of our lives!

Your brother Tom is a pro skater and you are a really good skater too, do you prefer one sport over the other? Have you ever thought about trying to turn pro at skating?
Couldn’t say I prefer either, just always good times! They are similar in ways but worlds apart in others. For example to go snowboarding on a mountain from home,  (London) I have to take a bus, tube, train, plane, train, and bus. That gets you to the mountains then there is accommodation, lift passes, resort priced food etc. Where as to go skate you put on your shoes, pack some MegaMix and water and peace! See ya. Hahahah me a pro skater, you having a laugh?

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You have travelled a lot in the past few seasons including a trip to Kashmir, Turkey, India and Kazakhstan. How did that trip come about what did you learn on that trip? 
The Loose Change Trip came about from the one and only Niels Schack, we have travelled together using snowboarding as the reason since we were kids and have always loved the adventure, almost more than the actual snowboarding. Haha, we brainstormed ideas of counties, which could be sick for a trip or two…  He picked Turkey, India, Kazakhstan and Japan, load the board bags and off we go. From the sketchy frosty hills of Istanbul, to the monkey filled powder fields of Gulmarg to the 2cm of snow in Kazakhstan to the incredibly polite Japanese, this trip was one to remember!! I think all the boys on the trip including out filmer Alex Weir and journalist Dillon Crossila learnt to be open and accepting to all situations. Friendliness and an open heart will get you a long way! From having tea and bread at the spot in India to eating Kazakhstan’s traditional meal Beshmarmak (horse meat with thick noodles) (delicious) with our hand and being spoon-fed buy the eldest at the table in proper local tradition. That’s a reason to travel! To be fed by a granny nearly four times your age haha!

What would your ideal day consist of?
Wake up next to my gorgeous lady Gracie, whip up some banging breakfast for us both, head out on a bike ride, swing by the local lido, quick 16 feel clean ya nah mean, energy stock up with a tangerine, hill bomb to the skatepark, massive tweak Melon, celebration beer and zoot, tre of the day, head home, prep the BBQ, have friends and family join us for tasty food and drinks, que music ” Bill Withers, Lovely Day” have a boogie. Sound good? Come join!

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