Snowflex wins Spinoff Award

Dryslope has always been a crucial part of snowboarding’s development in the UK, and no company has done more to advance the safety and progression of the technology than Briton Engineering, inventors of Snowflex. Before Snowflex, dryslopes were without exception hard to ride and painful to fall on. Snowflex is and artificial surface that is more like snow and far safer to use. And Now, Briton Engineering have been awarded a prestigious ‘Spinoff Award’.

Briton Engineering Developments Ltd is delighted to have been awarded the “SPINOFF AWARD” for a breakthrough technology in the snowsports industry. Briton have been judged to have made a crucial contribution to the snowsports industry with the invention of Snowflex, which offers a high quality, safe skiing and snowboarding surface for year-around snowsports, leisure and entertainment centres.


The International “SPINOFF AWARD” that has recognised this achievement is an organisation that has been set up by the European Union Fund for Entrepreneurship Support. The purpose of this organisation is to promote companies, brands and products that have been deemed, by a commercial and academic judging panel, to offer outstanding performance in technology commercialisation with the aim of generally improving people’s lives.


Annually the “SPINOFF AWARD” team and judging panel analyse more than 8,000 prospective projects from over 70 countries. Technology from organisations like NASAMax Planck InstitutesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySiemensBoschMercedes-Benz have been judged and awarded the “SPINOFF AWARD”. On average under 1% of the prospects judged are honoured by the “SPINOFF AWARD” judging panel.


An in-depth article about Briton Engineering Developments Ltd and Snowflex® is being showcased on the “SPINOFF AWARD” website. It can be viewed on the following web link The prestigious “SPINOFF AWARD“© is the first and only global award for outstanding transfer and commercialisation of technology into products and services that make measurable improvements to human life.

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