Black Eye Lens Wide Angle Clipper £34.95

BLACK EYE 1cOGHU9lfdnjCYRRYp4rb3i3KzN3cQhIvMtPmqCZeHQ With the incredible photo and video image quality that is available to smart phone owners, the Black Eye Lens makes perfect sense. Black Eye is the brainchild of snowboarder Eero Ettala and this wide angle lens is the perfect travel buddy. Small enough to fit in your pocket and clips on to any smartphone to give the fish eye effect to photos and video, allowing you to get up close to the things you’re shooting, without cropping them out of the shot. Essential for the on hill shooters on a budget.BLACK EYE 63lBme97cG5CZzEQTeehnzM0bu2zZZs8q_dHjCMWshI

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