Shop Corner: Bucks Boarding

In the first of our shop interviews we talk to Ollie Maslin from BBCMK, one of the best independent shred shops in the UK.

Ollie Maslin
Shop and Opening Hoursphoto 2
BBC MK, Milton Keynes
Monday to Friday 10.30 to 18.30
Saturday 10.00 to 18.00
Sunday 11.00 to 16.30
Describe your shop in ten words or less
Rider owned, independent, variety, passionate, knowledgable, experienced, rad, stacksofcoolstuffyouwant!!!!!! (no spaces makes one word right?)
Why should we visit you? 
If you are after genuine advice and information regarding any product we stock, you will get one of our highly experienced staff’s full attention. This will help guide you to the right product as we can explain the very ins and outs of any item you are looking, so you can make the most educated decision. With our combined riding experience of over 50 years and snowsports retail experience of over 46 years combined, you are in safe hands. No forced or pressured sales here!!
Bucks Boarding - You won't walk away empty handed
Bucks Boarding – Too much good stuff
Favourite resort and why
Whistler Blackcomb has to be my favourite resort in the world as it’s where I did my season – a full 6 months of shredding with no work. I clocked up 127 days riding, 85% of which were in powder so I got to know the resort like the back of my hand and the backcountry was super accessible.
Favourite Trip
Our shop Tignes Board test in 2005. So many good memories from the powder, the park, the homemade kickers opposite our Chalet, and the beers each night with some great people.
Favourite set up from this season 
Rome Mountain Division 159 with some Rome Katana bindings and a pair of Thirtytwo TM Two boots.
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.11.38
The Rome Mountain Division – £479.95 – A true directional all-mountain board

Do you have a favourite rider – if so, why?

I’m a massive fan of Travis Rice, love his style and effortless riding talents. I always become mesmerised when watching him shred.
Who is the biggest snowboarding geek on the shop floor and why?
Got to be me as I love knowing the very internal structure of each board and tech specs of every product we do. It just gets me going!
Favourite brand?
Gonna have to be Rome as you can’t get much more bang for your buck, and their ethos is so true to snowboarding.
Favourite UK spot
Got to be my home dome in Milton Keynes. It has been up and down, but I’ve been shredding there since day one and it is a damn sight better than a grassy hill.
Who is the best snowboarder in the shop and why? 
We have a few guys that are best at certain styles. Both Craig and I are powder fiends who love a hike and disappearing for the day into the backcountry; where as Dwane is like a cat and who you can’t keep off any rail, box or kicker – either in resort or in a fridge.
Oddest question or scenario that has happened in the shop 
We had a gentlemen ask if we sell cricket bats? Very random.
Scenario wise it’s got to be a dude that walked in after some kit advice as he wasn’t getting on too well with what he had purchased in a resort. Turned out he got sold a complete womens set up in resort – board, boots and bindings!! I felt really bad for him.
Favourite binding and boot
Boots have got to be my Thirty Two TM TWO boots as they fit me like a glove and are just right in stiffness for my style of all mountain shredding.  Bindings are the Rome Katana ever since I rode these in Austria last year at The Rome Lodge I fell in love – Super light, uber comfortable and the most adjustable binding I have ever used.
The Rome Katana available from for £219.95
The Rome Katana available from for £219.95
Worst thing about snowboarding 
Some of the kit getting sold to people incorrectly. It’s not going to help the sport or industry if you put someone on the wrong kit as they won’t enjoy our amazing sport, won’t continue riding and then putting their hard earned pennies back into it snowboarding.
Best thing about snowboarding 
The feeling of utter freedom and euphoria you get when shredding. No matter the weather or snow, it is always a sweet day on the hill.
Shop Scenario
I go snowboarding every year but always rent. This year I want to treat myself to a new boot, binding and board set up. I’m female and generally just enjoy cruising around the mountain and trying new things.  What would you recommend? 
Boots- you need to try as many on as you can, including different models in the same brand as all boots fit differently and not everyones feet are the same. If your boots don’t fit correctly, and are not comfortable you will either not be able to ride or not have much fun riding.
Board- This depends on how much riding you have done and what type of riding you prefer; also your weight, all of these things must be taken into account before we can give you suitable choices board wise.
Bindings- you just want these to marry up with the flex of your board. So stiff with a stiff board, and soft with a soft board so that the kit works in unison, and we also have to fit your boots to the bindings as there are some narrower brands.
Favourite snowboarding movie and why – The Art of Flight as it just epitomises snowboarding for me. Great fun with friends and some epic powder.

 Cheers Ollie.

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