Ollie Dutton by James North

Ollie Dutton

On a perfect day you’ll find me in the sun with my mates and some cold Cerveza’s, but I’d never get caught slipping…

What is your UK home dome? – Milton Keynes

What did you get up to last season? ≠I filmed with Postland for three weeks in January, then broke and dislocated my shoulder on my second day filming with Grindhouse. I have been out for the past four months!

Describe your riding style in ten words or less  – Hopefully pretty chilled

Roughly how many days a year do you get on snow? – 160ish, but a lot of those are spent in the streets, not mountains. Probably more if you count indoor as well.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on? – First season in Cali with all the boys! Ten of us in a house, such a good time.

What was the last trick you learned? – Switch backlip maybe, it’s been a while.

What was your first ever snowboard set up? – Salomon Burner 163

What are your stance width and angles – and why? – 15/15 because that’s how I learnt, and one out from reference because it feels nice. But I’m always playing around with different angles and stance.

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d been given when you bought your first board? – Get a freestyle board!

Current Set Up

Snowboard – Burton Process

Back up/quiver board – Burton Parkitect

Boots – Burton Fiend

Bindings – Burton Maliavita

Jacket – Burton Davis Jacket

Pants – AG Anthem pant

Sunglasses  Dragon Jam Sunnies

Gloves  Howl Keegan mitts

Accessories  Dalikfodda Railface Blocker

What tweaks do you make to a new set up? – Fully round off the edges, nice sticker job, I like to draw and have friends draw on my boards, too.

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