Schnapps, Gaps and Endless Laps

Life isn’t always better in board shorts… If you’re a snowboarder you gotta put on your snow pants at least ONCE every summer to truly feel alive. (Unless you’re a Viking from Norway, like Torgeir Bergrem. Then you’ll ride in shorts at 3600metres above sea level)

And this is exactly what a fine handful of the Volcom Euro team did last week. We raced all the way from the beaches of Hossegor to the glacier of Les 2 Alpes, 900km away, thinking we’d be smart & escaping the heat, only to be greeted by +42 degrees in Grenoble. Madness.

But even in that temperature, the glacier up at 3600m stayed in remarkable shape.. Hats off to the Volcom-wearing shapers for an amazing job done… Day in day out!

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