Ross Needham rehab edit

Ross Needham has done a little edit as a summary for his 2015 season which started of with a pretty bad injury.. just showing if you work and train hard you can get back on your board and ripping again. In his own words..

“I had a tough winter this year, having a full ACL and meniscus reconstruction on my knee in November meant I really had to take things easy. I was stoked to just be able to ride and slowly started to get my strength and a few tricks back near the end of the season. Here’s a little edit from some footage I managed to get, no real hammers and not as clean as I’d like it to be but I’m just stoked to have something and be back riding. Big thanks for the support from Burton Snowboards UK, Chris Allso, Dan Crichton and Lizzie Holloway and the guys at The Snowboard Asylum as well as all my friends and family! Thanks to my boy Carter Hewlett for the Mayrhofen footage and Omari Gordon for the L2A stuff.”

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