Caught Up: John Maken, Remind Insoles.

The Founder of Remind chats feet and snowboarding

We talk to the founder of Remind Insoles about how boot and skate insoles are not for just for the aged or wonky footed. Remind Insoles are championed by Travis Rice, Brian Iguchi and Kyle Clancy – if they’re good enough for them, we’re obviously missing out on a footbed or two.

How did Remind come about and what inspired you to get the brand started? I’ve been Skateboarding and Snowboarding for over 25 years and I found way early on that a great footbed can change your whole entire experience. I’ve pretty much tried all different kinds of footbeds and have found certain ones work much better then others.  A lightbulb went on about 7 years ago when I notice that there was a void in the skate and snow markets for such key element that can save our bodies and feet.  I decided to make a small run and I gave them out to all my friends. The  feedback from everyone was all super positive so I started Remind Insoles to spread the love.

Can anyone wear the footbeds or do you have to have a certain injury or reoccurring foot pain? Anyone can wear them…  They are not only for current foot issues but also for injury prevention.

Are the footbeds a way to alleviate some of the ‘new boot issues’?  Yes…  They help customize your boots further to your individual foot design.  They are also a good way to freshen up old boots as well.

The Cush footbed

Lets talk Biomechanics. You’re saying that a lot of aches and pains can be attributed to peoples feet, is that right? It all starts with your feet.  Most people don’t even realize how important proper support can change everything or lack of can cause many problems.  You see it develop in ankles, knees, hips, and low back.  When your foot is not supported properly it transfers the stress to other areas to try and compensate for the misalignment.  A proper aligned foot is a proper aligned body.

John Maken in Jackson

It says on your website that 25% of the population has a normal foot. How can you work out if you fall into the other 75%? Most people over-pronate meaning the arch falls inward as they walk of stand.  This causes the rest of your body to over compensate for your foot being out of alignment.  The ankles knees hips and spine all work harder and endure more stress because the foundation is off.  Our insoles are designed to level out the foot and give a solid foundation which will align the rest of the body and joints and alleviate the stress on the ankles knees hips and spine.

The Medic Footbed


Will people still need to get liners heat moulded? No all our products are ready to go.  They are designed to self mold.  Heat molding breaks down the materials structure and integrity which will weaken the strength and durability of the materials.

What’s your most popular footbed and how does it help?  The Cush was what we first came out with in the beginning and is our bread and butter.  We have added the Medic and the Remedy as well which offer different levels of rigidity and arch support.  I would say they all do very well and everyone has their favorites.  Individuals have different needs so we want to cater to all types and shapes of feet.

How long have you been snowboarding and what’s your favourite thing about it?  27 years… I love the feeling of flowing down a mountain and having the freedom to choose any line you want as you see fit.

John Maken, Found Remind Insoles

Least favourite thing about snowboarding? That it is seasonal

What’s your favourite resort?  Jackson Hole

Do you have a favourite snowboard? Lately I’ve been riding these crazy shaped Japanese boards that are wide with really deep sidecut.  Good for POW and carving on hard pack groomers….  You can literally set an edge and carve full circles.  I have never had so much fun just turning.

What would be your perfect day? Any day that involves skating surfing or snowboarding is a perfect day in my book.

Remind Insoles can be found at all good snowboarding shops and retail from £29.99

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