Red Bull Jib Network

7A776A34-8A5A-499E-AFAE-2A5925B1941E The past 3 weeks have seen members of the network bring jib sessions to life at their local indoor slope.

Riders collaborated with slopes in Leeds, Tamworth, Milton Keynes & Glasgow to design a bespoke indoor jib for their local freestyle night. Each slope had one day to create their jib set up and film a 40-second edit to be judged by the Reason Mag. It has been an incredibly tough decision as each slope not only put together legit set-ups but also went all out riding them.

After much deliberation The Reason Mag declared the Leeds slope the winner,

‘Choosing the winner was super hard. We’re well aware that the parks that are built every week by the UK’s dedicated park crews take a lot of skill and effort to put together, so we knew that when those same park crews got the chance to build something special, then they wouldn’t disappoint. We’re stoked to have been involved in this project and can’t wait for the final event!’

Congratulations to the Leeds Slope who will host the final Red Bull Jib Network night on Friday 27th April.

We invite all riders throughout the UK to join us for one more session before the season ends. The first 70 riders through the door who are registered on the Red Bull Jib Network can expect a free session and the night will include prizes and giveways!

 Venue: Xscape, Snowzone, Colorado Way, Glasshoughton, Castleford WF10 4TA

Date: 24/4/15

Time: 7-11


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