Punk as Fuck

We get some stupid emails here. The other day one kid wrote ‘i was wondering if you would sponser me for snowobarding’ – that’s it. Nothing else, no explanation who he was, where he’s from, nothing. Idiots.

Thankfully the one we got yesterday from Joakim Boldó was rad and made me hopeful for the future of snowboarding… It’s maybe not the best riding you’ll see this year, but Joakim’s attitude is something that we could use a lot more of.

‘Hi Im Joakim Boldo Im 17 years old, this video is 0% sponsored. I ride  normally in my backyard in Alicante (Spain) and we dont have snow on winter. This season I decided travel by myself with my tent to ride rails in snow and not in the plastic of my garden and I was in some places in Norway, Holland and Spain. Really it was a bit scared the first day ridding rails in the real snow in oslo, -17 doing only fs5050 but in a few hours it was growing up.

I didnt have money to pay the skipases in the mountais and I was all the year hiking to ride rails and make some small kikers on the summer, It was a bit homeless style and some cold days in my tent but I meet amagazin new friends and some locals riders who I learn alot of they. Here is my small edit of this season! Next video I hope better.’

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