Product Of The Day! Salomon Sabotage

Here’s the beginning of a new feature for us here on where we highlight some of our favourite products that are out there.

Salomon’s Sabotage board may well make Jamie Nicholls a better snowboarder (which is likely as he helped to design it), but what’s more important is if it can help the average person be a better snowboarder – and I’m here to answer a firm ‘yes’ to that one.

I had a crack on this at The Snowboard Test (it was actually Jamie’s own board, which may have had some magic Nicholls dust sprinkled on it) and it helped me learn half cabs, a trick I’ve been struggling with for years. Not only is it nimble under your feet, it’s also solid – it’s not going to let you down, unlike some noodley freestyle boards. While there’s camber under your feet, the rest of the board is flat so you can turn well but still get away with the occasional freestyle mishap.

Salomon’s Equalizer technology – which instead of a continuous curve for the sidecut has five straight lines – baffles me as to how it works, but it does. Turns are simple and easy, but above all direct and responsive. It just works.

This is a lot of board for the money – Just £320 makes it yours, and it’s a great deal


Please excuse the mess – I was too excited to tidy up!

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