Premiere: All In A Dream – documenting Danny Davis’ road to recovery

In the run up to the Olympic Games earlier this year, Danny Davis had a horrific crash which wiped him out of the qualification process. As he recovered, he started filming for the movie All In A Dream, a project to try and explain the process he went through to get back to health. We caught up with him to talk it through.

Can you talk through the day of the injury a little?

Sure – it was the last Olympic qualifier for the US Snowboard Team. The weather was challenging the whole week leading up, but we actually had a nice pow day the day before the event which stoked me out. We had qualifying in the morning and finals at night. The pipe sucked, they didn’t really have enough snow to make the halfpipe, and we also didn’t have a night practice until the one hour we got before the night final. Shaun and a few other riders had dropped out of the event because the pipe was so sketchy. In my head, I had sort of told myself whatever happens is all good. If I make the Olympic team, thats great, if I don’t, at least I will be able to get right out into some good snow and start filming and look forward to the contests I really enjoy – the X Games and US Open. I was doing a pretty routine run, and just messed up, smashed the deck and all the sudden was listening to a doctor tell me what he think may be going on. It happened really fast

What was the immediate after effects of the injury?

My knee was super loose, I knew it was something with my MCL, but we just didn’t know how bad. My pelvis was pretty bruised, and mostly just felt like I was in a car wreck, sore all over, but I knew the majority of the injury was in my knee. 

You mentioned that it’s been a battle to get through the mental effects – what forms did the battle take?

It was more just asking myself a bunch of questions, and also not knowing the answers. I have had so many injuries through competitive snowboarding, and I couldn’t help but wonder…… “Is this what I should be doing?”. “Do I want to do contests still?”. “Is the universe telling me to take a break, and stop competing?”. “If I am not competing, then what is next?”. “Are my sponsors bummed?”.

Are you through the worst of it now?

Hell ya! I’m good to go, and have been for a while. I had a grade 1 tear in my MCL, which I felt so lucky about. I had to take about 10-12 weeks off of snow before my knee felt good, but it definitely could have been much worse. 

Who else is in the movie?

There is so much great riding in this movie and most of it is not me! There is a bunch of different types of riders in this movie and I think thats what makes it a bit different than most. Mark McMorris, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Torstein Horgmo, Nick Russell, Mikkel Bang, Wyatt Stasinos, Scotty Lago, and the list goes on. A little bit from everybody.

What advice would you give to anyone else who is experiencing this?

Injuries suck, and there is no doubt about it. But remain positive, do your PT, and get back to what makes you happy, thats the only way!

Danny Davis’ new movie is on iTunes now

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