Positivity Mental Attitude

For the past few years, the Positivity camp in Italy has been quietly changing the approach to summer camps – this is a camp that you have to work to attend…

Rhythm clothing, one of the camps sponsors for this year,  just dropped us a line with a link to their new Positivity camp edit.

‘As a sponsor at this year’s ‘Positivity Camp’, the RHYTHM Europe Team set off for the weekend to the Sieder Glacier, located in the beautiful Italian Alps. The camp is situated at 3000m and is only accessible on foot. After a 3-hour hike the team reached the Refugio 3A shelter with a warm welcome from the park shapers and crew. Placed next to the shelter in the middle of nowhere, runs one single T-Bar and a perfectly shaped park with obstacles for all levels of riding. Special thanks go to Mauro Castellani, Mauro Cameroni, Stefan Plattner and the Positivity Crew for all their hard work in making the camp a success! This is Rhythm. “The Sound of Change” www.rhythmlivin.com

Positivity is something new and refreshing to the summer camp scene – check them out on Facebook

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