Peanut Butter and Rail Jam

Even though Spring is well and truly in the process of Springing, there’s no end in site to the shredding – the final of Volcom’s PB&RJ took place last week and as ever it seems to have been a banger with more than 140 riders and a sweet set up..The 2012 Volcom Stone European PEANUT BUTTER AND RAIL JAM Championships was once again a blast. It went down on a sunny day at the bottom of La Chapelle snowpark in the now notorious fishing town of AVORIAZ, France.
With more than 140 riders gathering from all around Europe, from Greece to Norway and Spain to Latvia, the day was full of action, and the gnar/tech setup proposed by the shapers got assaulted and conquered.

Joelle Juchli won the Girls division in style

Boas Van Holden finished first of the qualifiers with stylish sugarcanes like these

Anglers in the four divisions didn’t disappoint and the energy of the jams stimulated everyone to reach new levels. The 15 and under manned up and set the standard level for the day, the 16 and under battled fiercely with style, the Girls showed they ride way better than you and with class and the Open division was the icing on the cake with a superfinal that kept everyone jaws down.
We won’t go through all the action that went on, check out the photos and video to get a better idea. The Finnish riders showed once again they master the metal pieces, Switzerland was also well represented so as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

At the bottom of the setup, everyone watched the action while Volcom’s Foggy Bottoms Tavern was serving free food and drinks all day. The fish market was giving free stuff until the horn of the last jam blew to come back to port.
Everyone regrouped then at the Stone harbor to crown the 2012 European PBRJ Champions. 12000€ in prize money got dispatched as well as tons of prizes and products from VOLCOMELECTRICNITROBANSHEE BUNGEE, and Seventyone percent. The top 5 riders of each division couldn’t walk away without help to carry all the stuff they won.
The day ended with a free Après-ski at the Changabang in Avoriaz. Thanks to BURN and the ultimate warriors finished the night at the Cavern Bar in Morzine.

Lasse Ihalainen won the Opens, and also the Electric Gooeyest move, he is now 1900€ richer!

We would like to thank everyone that came to enjoy the day with us and hope to see you next season at a PBRJ near you!

Thanks a ton to Cheryl Maas, and Anton « Tonton » Holland, Simon Pircher, Max and Jeremy for judging. Thanks also to BURN for the free drinks during the whole tour and the Champs (they all got drunk). Thanks again to NITRO and ELECTRIC for supporting the tour with products, and BANSHEE BUNGEE for adding an extra stoke to the Champs winners.

Many thanks to the Avoriaz snowzone team for the excellent shape, the SERMAT, to the OT Avoriaz, to the Changabang, to the Chalets Florimont, to Slopestyle and Skiddigonzalez in Morzine and to the PBRJ staff that did a great job and of course all the teams that organize the regional events during the year.
Thanks also to our friends at METHOD MAGFLUOFUNSWITCHMAG and ACT SNOWBOARDING that came covering the event, you’ll find more footage, photos and their vision of the contest in their websites and mags !

Here are the Contest Results :

15- Division :

1 Joshua Pires (Netherlands) : 1 000 €
2 Goerge Persson (Sweden) : 600 €
3 Nauris Putenis (Latvia) : 400 €
4 Samuli Pere (Finland) : 300 €
5 Saska Halmes (Finland) : 200 €

16+ Division :

1 Tatu Miettinen (Finland) : 1 000 €
2 Julien Emch (Switzerland) : 600 €
3 Simone Buzzi (Italy) : 400 €
4 Damon Beckford (Finland) : 300 €
5 Michael Graf (Austria) : 200 €

Girls Division : 

1 Joelle Juchli (Switzerland) : 1 000 €
2 Rachida Aoulad-El-Haj-Amar (Netherelands) : 700 €
3 Gina Somaini (Switzerland) : 500 €
4 Stephanie Kauert (Germany) : 300 €
5 Ivika Jurgenson (Estonia) : 200 €

Open Division : 

1 Lasse Ihalainen (Finland) : 1 700 €
2 Chris Böhnke (Germany) : 1 000 €
3 Teppo Ruokokoski (Finland) : 800 €
4 Michael Mayer (Germany) : 500 €
5 Florian Heim (Austria) : 300 €

Gooeyest move Electric: 

Lasse Ihalainen (200 € CASH)

The 200€ Electric « Gooeyest Move » of the day was given to Finnish riper Lasse Ihalainen for a gap caballerial the hard way over the bar to switch 50-50 super clean during the open finals.

A brand new NITRO Marc Swoboda pro model was given to Martin Kailliola after he broke his board in 2 pieces on the L rail.

Chris Böhnke impressed everyone all day and ended 2nd in the Open category

Cheryl Maas was judging but also rode with the Girls during their heats

No comply boardslide

Cees Ville

Simon Pircher rides super clean, and definitely likes rum

Regional Volcom rep David Combier grilled the BBQ for over 400 people

Anouck Grau boardsliding in front of the old fisherman.

Sasha Balicco stalling on the L rail

The Fisherman village was busy all day

Anne Sophie Lechon killed it in the qualifications

Girls were riding super good, fs boardslide

One more bs tailslide for the crowd

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