Patagonia’s Worn Wear Tour returns to European mountains

This winter, for the third consecutive season, Patagonia’s Worn Wear repair team will be hitting the slopes around Europe for the Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour 2020 [list of locations here].

A bespoke wooden snow trailer will travel to snow destinations in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. It will offer skiers and snowboarders free repairs on busted zippers, rips, tears, buttons, pulls and more, as well as teaching people how to fix their own gear.

The Worn Wear initiative encourages customers to extend the lifetime of their garments. The Patagonia repair team onboard will offer free repairs on any brand of clothing, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The trailer has been hand-built to an original design to be able to travel to the toughest locations around Europe. It will house technical repair equipment and will bring hot chocolate and good vibes to the slopes. It will also educate people on how to keep snow gear in good condition for multiple seasons and will teach skills such as patching, re-waterproofing shells and fixing zippers.

Why Worn Wear? 

  • Patagonia’s Worn Wear programme was created in 2013 to encourage people to take good care of their gear, washing and repairing as needed.
  • Extending the life of our garments, through proper care and repair, is the single most important thing we can do to lower our impact on the planet and reduces the need to buy more over time — thereby avoiding the CO2 emissions, waste output, and water usage required to build it.
  • By keeping our clothing in use just nine extra months, we can reduce related carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30 percent each, according to the UK-based group WRAP – simply because we’re making and throwing away less.


The Stories We Wear | Nicholas Wolken and his PowSlayer pants

Nicholas says:

I got this pair of PowSlayer pants around 2016 / 17 and they have been my favourite ones to date. I love these bibs and black just matches anything so they have been a true companion on many trips. They have really saved my ass on cold, deep or wet days.

There are also some rough memories attached to them, for example when I tore my Achilles tendon and when I popped out my patella in them. I remember asking the doc not to cut the pants open with scissors and going through quite some pain getting them off over my dislocated knee.

As you can clearly see, my beacon usually gets stashed in my right pocket and it is slowly but surely working its way out to freedom, due to the abrasion of the material in that area. Nothing a patch won’t fix.

If I dig deep enough in my left pocket I can still find remnants of that shape-shifting, half-boiled egg I snuck from a breakfast and was going to eat on the way to the hill. It eventually got forgotten so it took an entire trip up the mountain and down again. When I found it, it looked how I felt after that day – totally smashed and drained.

Besides some tears in the lower leg from stumbling over my crampons, the pants are still in mint condition. A few sticky patches did the job on the tears and they are better than new, reminding me of what we have been through together. I am sure they have more seasons and adventures in them.

Worn Wear in numbers

  • 56 = Number of Worn Wear Repair events throughout Europe last year
  • 25,000 = People who came to Worn Wear repair events last year in Europe
  • 100,288 = Pieces of clothing fixed by our Worn Wear repair centres last year
  • 72 = Number of repair centres, in Patagonia stores all over the world, that mend clothing for free, or for a nominal charge

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