Nike Stairset Battle

This is how you run a rail comp! The Nike Stairset Battle tour kicked off at Castleford last weekend and brought together more than 40 of the UK’s best rail shredders to lay waste to the Nike Stairset, a custom-made rail set up based around a 12 set of stairs. With rails, ledges and more, the obstacle was challenging, the riders were on it and things went down big time.

This was a real riders event, where the shredding did the talking. With such a rad set up, there were tons of different options for the rider to show their abilities, from multiple spins on and off the rail to Neil Campbell’s one foot boardslide, the comp was a series of non-stop bangers.

After qualification, on slope entertainment was provided by the Hackney Colliery Band, an 8-piece brass band brought in especially for the event to play covers live on the snow. Surreal, but very, very rad.

The event was held in jam format, by far the best way to let riders show their skills, as they have as many shots at impressing the judges as time and their legs allow. In the end, the final was super close but a winner had to be crowned and he was. Tom Guilmard took first, Johnny Russell was second and Gareth Andrews came third. Cash prizes were handed out and the boys honoured the 10% rule, which led to many sketchy looking faces at breakfast the next morning…

The Castleford stop was just the first of the series, check out for more information

1. Tom Guilmard
2. Jonny Russel
3. Gareth Andrews
4. Will Smith
5. Andy Nudds
6. Simon Foster
7. Oliver Dutton
8. Neil Campbell
9. Oliver Waters
10. Marc M’Clement

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