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Dead good undercrackers

We are very pleased to announce the launch of new active underwear brand Redwood Girls. Started by keen snowboarders Lucy Warwood and Lisa Redgrave, the brand aims to offer active females  – particularly those in their teens – a collection of on trend underwear that is bright, fun and fashionably functional.  Excitingly, they have just named one of the UK’s best female shredders Katie Ormerod as their ambassador.

We chat to Creative Director Lucy Warwood to find out more:

Congratulations on the launch of your brand! Can you tell us a bit more behind Redwood Girls (great name by the way) 

Thank you! We came up with the name after about 1500 cups of tea and just short of 500 crumpets later. It was the first one we came up with and settled on it a few weeks later. Then the brands identity was born! Redwood girls is an on-trend, age-appropriate teen underwear brand with a wide age bracket. There is something for everyone so we would like to think the products will appeal to adventure seekers and style conscious young ladies.

It was pretty clear from the start that Redwood Girls would be influenced to empower girls to be confident, healthy, sporty, smart and cool.

image courtesy of Roxy and Redwood Girls


You’ve recently teamed up with snowboarder Katie Ormerod, can you tell us a bit more about that. 

Yes, she’s amazing! We love Katie, she’s a real inspiration to us. We want girls to aspire to be the best that they can be at what ever they do and we have carefully selected a few Ambassadors who we think represent our brand.

Katie tries so hard at her sport and it’s so refreshing to see girls of that age competing and doing something they love. Being surrounded by friends in the Skate/Surf and Snow industry, it’s really influenced the choices I made to the designs, I wanted them to be sporty but still influenced by fashion. No lace, no fuss, awesome colours, age appropriate!

We love the feel and texture of the underwear – What makes them work for an active lifestyle? 

The garments are super soft so you forget that you’re wearing them. The Crop Top is great for sports, it is by no means a sports bra but because it has a double layer of fabric, it feels quite supportive and would work for gentle exercise. The Crop Top is also good for girls who are growing and looking for something cool as a first bra to get used to wearing something under their top.

In technical terms, the fabric is Lycra XtraLife, Lycra Sport and Lycra Beauty, a good all rounder!




You’ve done a few bras without underwire which is really refreshing to see. I don’t know why we suffer with underwire it can be so uncomfortable!

Absolutely, and if you are still growing too, it’s much healthier to not wear a wire. A lot of teens end up going into an adult bra or push up/padded underwire. Sometimes this can’t be helped if you need a bigger cup size, this is something we are looking into and hope to be able to offer this option in the future.

We have an Underwire Bra but it has a softer, more forgiving wire. Our Padded Bra doesn’t have a wire but is technically designed for the protection, it holds you in and has a flattering shape for those looking for a fashion injection. It looks like it has a wire and thats the beauty of it. More comfort and style!



So how long has it taken you to get set up from design to production?

It’s been two years now since we started RWG’s and I would say from Design to Production it has taken a year and a half.

I think with the first collection and funding it ourselves, we have done things at our own pace. We wanted to get the brand right and not rush into it. The thought process kind of went from researching, blogging and finding inspiration to designing and finding a good factory. We also took time to think about the lifestyle of the brand and how we can positively influence young girls to want to do something good.

Any major set backs along the way and how did you overcome them?

We did a kickstarter campaign to help us raise funds towards our first production and this was a pretty stressful time. It didn’t really work for us as we didn’t have a product to show. We only had the brand idea and designs at this stage as we were working on samples with the factory.  Kickstarter is great but you definitely need to have something to show the public. It was only a small set back really, we saw it as a learning curve but also managed to get great feedback on the brand and the support we had from people was amazing. We carried on and here we are today after funding it ourselves. We hope the hard work will pay off!



Do I have to buy sets of the underwear? And what sizes do they come in? 

You can buy them separately, there is a mix and match option so you can make a set if you wish. The Bras and Crop Top come in selected colours but you can match them to whichever colour brief you fancy. All briefs come in the five colour ways

Our Padded Bra is available in sizes 28AA – 34C and The Underwire Bra 28AA – 36C. The Crop top , Triangle and both brief styles are available in XS – L.

What are your goals for 2015?

Hopefully not too ambitious but eventually we want to make RWG’s a global brand so that every young lady can feel good about themselves. We want to develop and add loungewear to our collection and eventually do cup bigger sizes.

Prices range from £10.00 – £25.00. See more of the collection over in our Most Wanted 

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