Mountain Rideshare x World Snowboard Tour

The World Snowboard Tour recently partnered with mountain specific carpooling website Mountain Rideshare with a move towards encouraging cost effective, sustainable and social travel to their events all over the globe.

“Travel to and from Ski Resorts is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 output created by snowboarders and It makes total sense for vehicles to travel at full capacity if at all they can. We’re going to work with the guys at Mountain Rideshare to setup carpools to every World Snowboard Tour event. This will make it easy for those to share travel costs and perhaps meet new people. There’s a chance that we’ll get even more spectators who might not have made it otherwise. As an industry that relies on snow continuing to fall, for business and pleasure, we need to do all in our power to protect our winters!” Jack Reeves – World Snowboard Tour

At a time when fuel prices are the highest they’ve ever been, climate change on every government’s agenda and the fact that the web and social media have changed the way we do things and meet people, there has never been a better time to promote and use a website like Mountain Rideshare.

A little background on MRS

Created by Tosh (Dinesh Jethwa) a snowboarder based in Chamonix, France for the last 15 winters. Tosh is a web designer who runs a little company called Contagious Creative from Cham in the winter and London in the summer. Mountain Rideshare was conceived when studying back in 1999/2002. I left doing seasons to live in London for 3 years while doing my degree in Digital Arts. There was no way that I was not gonna snowboard so whenever there was a storm in sight I would do my best to get out to Cham. Last minute flights were well out of reach but if I could hook up with someone and jump in their car, it would save us both money.  A by product of this of course is the fact that it was more eco friendly than flying too.A  Win Win situation! Sometimes I was lucky and managed to get a ride to the pow pow by calling mates in the snowboarding world, but but often I was not. I realised If I needed something like this, then so did others. … Hello Mountain Rideshare! The site is now on version 2, there’s always something to do to make it bigger and better but the current functionality of the site is serving its purpose well. People all over the world have been using Mountain Rideshare to connect and share rides, which is really encouraging.

I’m super stoked on the partnership with the World Snowboard Tour as this will really validate and encourage carpooling to the world wide community of snowboarders. In turn I hope that even more people start to use the site to share space in vehicles when taking part in mountain related travel. We need to speak to the masses to make the site really work for people and hope that the site gets the support not only from the snowboarding industry but from the mountain industry as a whole. Thanks to Jack & Moritz from WST/TTR for their time and help! Dinesh Jethwa AKA Tosh  – Creator of Mountain Rideshare

So next time you’re planning heading to a snowboard event or even a road trip to the hills, why not carpool with Mountain Rideshare? If you’ve got space in your ride… POST IT. If you need a ride… REQUEST IT …Ridesharing is Caring!

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