MOST WANTED: 686 Everywhere pants

Firmly sitting in the ‘never knew I needed these’ category, the ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Anywhere’ Pants from 686 really live up to their name. Part of the Multi Pant range, they can be worn pretty much wherever you choose to go thanks to their low weight, high quality and super comfortable fit. They look so smart that even your Mum wouldn’t mind you turning up for Sunday lunch in them…

If you’re not familiar with 686, they’ve actually been around since 1993, but until recently have been under represented in Europe and the UK. Riders Lounge got the rights to distribute the brand in the UK a couple of years ago and in the meantime they’ve been hard at work letting retailers and the public know about their offerings which include such killer concepts as their original Tool Belt and their 3 in 1 Smarty layering system and now the brand’s reach is growing fast.

But back to the Multi pants.  They come in two versions, the slim fitting ‘Everywhere’ pant and the looser, cargo style ‘Anywhere’ Pant, but both are made from a 4-way stretch material that is light weight, super comfortable and offers a DWR waterproof coating to keep the light rain showers away from your skin. There’s ten different pockets for you to lose your stuff in, but they’re all pretty snug so it’s easy to remember where you put your shizz. We got the Everywhere version and they’ve been literally everywhere with us – work, the pub, day to day life, to the mountains and in the car. They’re super comfortable, look great, wash and dry quickly and can be stowed quickly in a pack and take up next to no room.

We’re super impressed. In fact I think I’m going to buy another pair.

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