‘Mind Games’ full film has dropped…


‘Ahh…Banshee Bungee Friends’

All Photos By James North – www.jnorth.co.uk

Yesterday saw the online release of the Grindhouse crews new film ‘Mind Games’. To say we are stoked on this is an understatement and we are proud to be supporting the film. The entire crew killed it last year and you can see how hard they worked when you watch the film… we had a little catch up with head honcho, Jamie Durham, to find out a little more…

‘The man himself… Jamie Durham’

Can you tell us who is Grindhouse, who makes up the crew…?

This year the riding comes from Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Jamie Nicholls, Ollie Dutton, Tom Guilmard, Jonny Russell, Simon Foster, John Weatherley, Stu Edwards, Matt Higson, Tom Honey, Andy Laird, Jon Addison, Stuart Horsham & Ian Ashmore.


Has this changed from last year?

It is almost the same crew but Ben Wall and Matt Macwhirter were in Big Bear most of the winter so didn’t get to film. Jamie (Nicholls) managed to get enough footage together between comps to make a part and Si Foster and Stu Edwards came to Finland. But it is everyone who has featured in a edit at some point before…

What locations did you film in for Mind Games?

This year we traveled to Iceland, Finland and France. I didn’t get to film with Nicholls this year but his footage comes from Austria, USA and even Leeds! Tom Honey lives in Kelowna in Canada so he was filming over there.

‘Andy Nudds has bulletproof knees…’

What was the most productive / most fun trip last season?

Iceland was pretty fun and productive. We had no internet so at night no one could spend hours lost on Facebook but we only had a few hours each day to film because when you are that far up north the days are very short. When we where in Finland for almost 2 months we were productive at the start of the trip then it would fizzle out when everyone was tired and broken from riding street everyday.

‘Thrashmore…still got it. Hesh.’

Did anyone get arrested?

Haha we had a few run in’s with the Police this year at various locations and none of them where snowboard related. Jonny got a lift home from a night out in Akureyri with the Icelandic cops and then we got stopped in France and fined for no reason… Will got arrested in Lithuania on a Vans trip this year for snowboarding.

‘Will Smith…flex’

Do you think the UK needs a full length film like this?

Yes definitely! I think its almost what the UK needs the most. Its shows how much talent there is in the scene for a country that doesn’t really get snow. I think it can also motivate other people to get out there and start riding and filming.

What equipment do the media contingent of the crew use?

I’ve been using a Canon 7D since day one and Carter use’s a Canon 60D. Then we have a whole host of lens’s, tripods, dollys, glidecams and beat up laptops between us up until recently… I had to get a new laptop to edit the film on in August, the old one wasn’t cutting it anymore.

‘Ollie Dutton through the kink…’

What equipment do the riders use? Especially Marshall?

Alcohol and maybe something else. Marshall is the instigator.

‘Marshall told them to do it…’

This year the film got accepted in Block film festival in Denver and The Reels in France, tell us more about that?

Yeah we where pretty stoked on this, we released the teaser and Julien & Lillie who organise The Reels got in touch and said they wanted us to submit the film to the judges and we had to wait a few weeks to see if we made the cut. Then the guys over at The Block Festival said they saw the teaser as well and wanted the film to be played over in Denver. It was good because the festivals had all the biggest crews and films in them and we even had a few shout outs from them so I guess they liked it!

‘Straight outta Tamworth… Matt Higson’

What is the plans for this winter?

We are hoping to film again for sure, but it all just comes down to what people can afford to do again.
Will the crew stay the same?

Na, they are all getting kicked out and replaced with 10 year old kids and Marshall Bravestarr.

Will Marshall get a full part?

I think maybe a bonus part on the DVD next year?

Whats your favourite sandwich filling?

Bacon, bacon, sausage, eggs and more bacon.


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