Looking Sideways

Looking Sideways are pleased to announce that Ed Templeton, Danny Wainwright, Tim Karpinski, Danny Larsen and Tristan Huber will be exhibiting their work at this year’s Vans Wängl Tängl snowboarding and skateboarding event in Mayrhofen, Austria.

These five join previously announced artists Corey Smith, Fos, French, Schoph and Blaise Rosenthal to complete a line up that brings together some of the boardsports world’s key artistic talents. Rosenthal, Wainwright, Schoph, Huber and French will also be attending the show in person, meaning members of the public and press will have the opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work with them.

“I’m very excited to be showing my work in Europe for the first time as part of the Looking Sideways exhibition at Wängl Tängl” says Corey Smith. “There are too many events and contests put on by promoters that don’t truly ‘get’ snowboarding and are doing it for the wrong reasons. I think it is very important to positively and creatively contribute to snowboarding culture, and what Wängl Tängl and Looking Sideways are doing is really special”.

The exhibition is being held at Mayrhofen’s Europahaus gallery between Tuesday 20th and Friday 23rd of March, and will feature a number of works from each of the ten artists.

Friday’s closing show will also see the completion of a live art piece being created throughout the week by Looking Sideways art director Owen Tozer and exhibiting artist Schoph. The piece will be created using images sent in by members of the public, who were invited to contribute to the project by uploading images of their eyes looking sideways to the LS Facebook page, or by emailing them to eyes@wearelookingsideways.com.

The finished work will then be used to create the graphics for an exclusive run of limited edition Looking Sideways/Endeavor snowboards, with the winners of the boards chosen from those who contributed images.

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