Lobster Snowboards Special Additions


Here are the 13/14 Special Addition Lobster boards! These graphics have been kept secret until just now, so nobody, from media, to distributors, to shops, to people at trade shows, to your pals, knew what was coming!

These boards are built just the same as their regular counterparts, but the graphics are drawings of the crazy content of the Helgason’s minds, drawn by Michiel Wallrave.

The design for the Special Addition Jib Baord was thought up by Eiki. He wanted to see a mermaid getting sliced up by an outboard motor. Save the fish women, or at least make them into sushi.

The Special Addition Park Baord graphic came from Halldor’s R.V. styles last season, mixing up their ‘landing fluid’ R.V. juice before and after riding. All you have to do for the same experience is 1) Get a smelly R.V. and 2) Follow this simple recipe: Mix a shot of tequila with shots of vodka, run, gin, cointreaux and whiskey, then fill it up with cola. 3) Drink it.

You Can Even Win Them If You Do Those 3 Simple Steps.

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3. Hashtag #SpecialAddition

See The Whole New Line Up of Boards at www.lobstersnowboards.com


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