Let’s get Sexual

Sexual Snowboarding, the new movie from the Helgason brothers has just dropped and is available to view for FREE on www.sexualsnowboarding.com.

The movie features Halldor and Eiki Halgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, Gremund Braaten, Ethan Morgan, Fredu Sirvio, Risto Ruokola, Leo Crawford. Jonte Lindhe, Felix Engstrom, Kareem El Rafie, Jonas Carlson – and maybe even you, if you sent in your video part. The action takes place all through the world, from the bright lights of the USA to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Iceland.

The movie is split into three parts – the opening section is a re-edit of all the riders that sent footage in for the film, then the main film and Jonas and Fredu’s part to finish it all off.

Johannes Brenning (peep the next issue of The Reason, issue 3.3 to read an interview with him) said ‘When we started this we wanted to make a ‘boot movie’ – something between 15 and 20 minutes, the perfect length to watch to get you stoked as you are putting on your boots. When we were done making hte film we had almost 30 minutes, so we split the movie up into 2 side drops – we think this is the sickest way to watch the project’

Check it all out at www.sexualsnowboarding.com

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