Laax: The Crap Show is back!

Last weekend the NoName park opened its doors on Crap Sogn Gion, offering a solid rail setup and a jump on the pro line to anyone hungry for some early season park laps. As per usual in LAAX, there’s never a shortage of riders stoked to get after it. In the first instalment of the Crap Show 16/17, the likes of Elio Fumagalli, Yannick Messmer, Celia Petrig, and James Niederberger – just to name a few – give you guys a taste of what’s been happening at Snowpark LAAX. Enjoy, and come join us next time!

Riders: Elio Fumagalli, Yannick Messmer, Linus Manser, Myrionymos Baikouzis, Elena Könz, Celia Petrig, James Niederberger, Jonas Hasler, Cederic Neff, Nick Pünter, Florian Fischer

Filmed by Blume, Matthias Wattinger aka C-Länder, Luca Kuppelwieser

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