John Jackson signs for Signal Snowboards

In the latest of this week’s ‘WTF!?’ rider signing stories, John Jackson – one of the best big mountain freestylers on the planet – is now riding for Southern California’s Signal Snowboards, headed up by none other than shred legend Dave Lee. Signal are well known and respected for their killer boards, the amazing Every Third Thursday video series and the riding of team shredders like Jake OE, but this is next level stuff…

From the Signal website

‘A few months back we all ran up to Mammoth for opening day for what would be the second episode of ETT season 5 – Mammoth Snowboard. It was cold, windy and snowing and we parked next to one of the greatest humans and shredders of all time, John Jackson. John and I have known each for over a decade and sharing a few laughs over this ridiculous snowboard turned into joking about riding for Signal, which now has turned into John riding for Signal. Awesome! When worlds collide it can be powerful. If you’re new to snowboarding or just don’t follow the pro scene, John is one of the best snowboarders in the world. He’s a legendary backcountry slayer and an amazing human that looks a life as a constantly moving adventure filled with discovery and opportunity. Much like us here at Signal. We have taken a different approach to snowboarding since our first days as a brand back in 2004 and now have shifted focus to pushing the boundaries of what a smaller more flexible brand can be. Much like a tech company we look to disrupt or find new and easier ways to move our ideas and brand forward. We recognize that snowboarding is expensive and there’s got to be a better way to build boards. We also see that the snowboarding community really just wants to share their best days on the hill and be able to talk about it with as many people as possible. Life is meant to be lived and more meaningful when shared! With the Internet bringing the world closer every day it opens up unlimited possibilities for any person or brand and especially one that accepts and understands how important change is and can be. So today is a very special day and we’d like to invite you to raise a drink with us in celebratory collective cheers to John Jackson and Signal coming together to build the very first snowboard brand built for the Connected Generation! – See more here


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