Joe Sexton Full Part: Videograss- The Last Ones

This is easily the part i have watched the most this season and it’s now up online for free, If you have not already bought a copy of ‘The Last Ones’ this will hopefully convince you to.
This is what Videograss have to say about the new film “This is a special year for Videograss! We have combined last year’s riders and put our focus into what we believe to be one of the best crews ever assembled. This crew and our sponsors stand as the last of few that still know what is best for snowboarding. The Last Ones represents anyone who puts their hearts and souls into an annual project and strives to keep this key part of our culture alive. DONT GIVE IN! MAKE IT SPECIAL! LET US NOT BE THE LAST ONES!”
So If your in to this section don’t let this essential part of the snowboarding industry die out, support crews like Videograss.


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