Jerome Tanon burns it down

If you’re a regular reader of The Reason, you’ll be familiar with the work of Jerome Tanon, who we think is one of the best photographers working in snowboarding today. It would be easy to say that his work stands out because it’s entirely shot on film rather than the way more common digital format that photographers use these days, but not only would that be lazy, it  it would be missing the point.

While the fact that he shoots film and the subsequent effort and love that goes into Jerome’s work does indeed enhance it, the real quality lies in the photos themselves. He manages to capture the pure essence of snowboarding with every frame he shoots and conveys what it means to be a snowboarder with every image. It’s rare that a photographer can do these things, irrespective of the format that he shoots on, and we love to use his work every year.

Jerome’s latest work is a series of photos called ‘The Spirit’, which he shot over the course of the past season. After producing two identical prints of each image, Jerome then burned all of the test prints – and the negatives. There are no back ups or copies. ‘The Spirit’ will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Reason.

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Produced, filmed & edited by Jérémy Bernard.


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