House of Vans End of Year Review

House of Vans is a community space based slap bang in the centre of London, under Waterloo station – and best of all, it’s FREE for all to visit. Opened by Vans in 2014 in partnership wiith the local borough, House of Vans has enough room to facilitate a concrete skate park, bowl, concert venue, gallery space, bar and cinema. With a host of incredible events that run year round, House of Vans is what happens when big companies stay true to their roots and it’s an example so many other brands would do well to follow. They’ve put together an end of year review of some of the events that have kicked ass there in 2016

About House of Vans

The House of Vans is where “Off The Wall” lives.

It’s a place where imagination lets loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops and concert stages, inspiring every person who runs, rolls, or stomps through its door. Located in Brooklyn, New York and Waterloo, London, as well as pop-ups around the world, the House of Vans is home to the creativity that moves us.

Always embracing and fuelling creative expression through art, music, skateboarding, BMX, street culture and fashion; the space offers a solid platform for the local communities to experience and engage with Vans’ ‘Off The Wall’ spirit. With creative expression at the forefront; The House of Vans London is showcasing an art gallery, a VansLab artist incubator space, cinema, live music venue, premium café and bars, gifting suite and skater built and designed concrete bowl, mini ramp and street course.

The House of Vans London is open four days a week as well as hosting major live events at weekends. The space is ready for both work and play; with a wide range of educational & learning activities on offer. Not forgetting, our cultural and sporting events that are attracting the best talent from across the globe … from skateboarding and beyond.

Inspired by neon lights, Americana and rugged skate environments; Vans have transformed the vast 30,000 square feet of this iconic indoor-space in Waterloo into an ‘Off The Wall’ home for the European edition of The House Of Vans.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

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