Gypsy Snowboarding is go!

Laura Berry and Sarah Fish are two of the Gin Bomb Gypsies, a Morzine-local girl crew who have a ton of fun, both off and on the mountain. Both Laura and Sarah are fully qualified instructors, so when we heard about their new endeavour – Gypsy Snowboarding – we had to Sarah more…


Can you fill us in a little about Gypsy Snowboarding? 

Gypsy snowboarding is a new specialist snowboard school launching this season in the Morzine/Avoriaz/Les Gets area of the Porte des Soleil spanning the French / Swiss Alps. 

Who is a part of it and why?

Gypsy Snowboarding is owned by Laura Berry and me, Sarah Fish. We actually met on a Reason mag trip funnily enough, Laura was sponsored by Westbeach when Sue Garlick asked me to ride for the same team. You lovely folk offered us a girls trip to Slovenia with team mate Stefani Nurding. We jelled from then really and the following winter me and the worse half moved to Morzine and lived in the basement of doom under Laura’s house (rock ‘n’ roll). We became good mates and whilst both going through the BASI system with the goal of getting our level 4 (ISTD) to work in France, it was a no brainier really. We have the same ideals of what we think snowboard instruction should be, so we thought ‘why not just set up our own school and work on our own terms in the way that we want?’. We are both passionate about what we do and want to share that passion and love to other like-minded people. At the end of the day we all snowboard for the same reason, FUN!

What will you guys be able to give to visitors to Morzine that others can’t? 

Together we have lived in Morzine for 15 years and collectively have 20 years of snowboard experience instructing, coaching and competing. Our knowledge of the PDS area is extensive, partnered with our expertise in instruction/coaching we can tailor our lessons to any situation, to any individual of any age. We understand the needs of a learner of any ability or age and can help you achieve your goals whilst having a  face full of stoke, partnered with some good banter. 


The Gin Bomb Gypsy crew are freestyle focussed, will GS be the same?

Although we both have freestyle backgrounds with past British and European titles under our belts our lessons will cater for all ages and abilities. From first time snowboarders to people who want freestyle or race coaching, we’ve got it all covered….. the whole SHEbang! 

Will you be aiming at female shredders or everyone? 

We are obviously going to have loads of female specific products to push as we want to promote female snowboarding as much as possible – we are actually two of the only five females that have completed the ISTD qualification through the BASI system and this is not because it’s unachievable for females I think it’s a reflection of the amount of females involved generally. We want to see more women involved and pushing the boundaries, init? If you look at female riding at the moment that boundary is already being pushed by the pros like Anna Gasser, Hailey LangLang,  Katie Omerod, Christy Prior, Chloe Kim and so many more.  We should see an influx in female riding because of these ladies.  Not to mention all the female crews out there like the Too Hard girls,  these girls are awesome and no better way to get stoked before you go riding watching females slay it all over the mountain like the Full Moon project ladies.  Saying that we also don’t want to limit ourselves to just female-specific lessons we love teaching any gender and any age. After all variety is the spice of life, right?


Your crew is well known for enjoying the Apres, will you having an end of day tipple with your clients?

The social side of snowboard culture is MASSIVE, so we will obviously be sharing a bevvy or two if that’s how the day goes, but we will probably be dipping out a tad on the Apres nature of the Gin Bomb Gypsies while we concentrate on our Gypsy Snowboarding business. But believe me that’s not to say we still won’t be involved with our GBG gals cause that crew is the best to ride with and get your stoke on! Also if you are wanting a good night out we can defo point you in the right direction of our girls to show you where the party is.  

How do people get in touch? 

You can catch up with us at we are already taking bookings for the winter so any enquiries just ping us an email. Our website will be launched very soon with full info but any questions do not hesitate to contact us. 

Anything you want to add? 


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