Grindhouse Prequel – B Side

As promised last month, Grindhouse have released the second part of their 2012 movie ‘Prequel’… Featuring the riding of Gareth Andrews, Pat Hobson, Ben Wall, Si Foster, Tom Honey, Jonny Russell, Ollie Dutton, Will Smith, Oliver Waters, Matt Macwhirter, Andy Nudds and John Weatherley.

Presented by 9 Milli Media & The Snowboard Asylum. Supported by: Academy, Apo, Artec, Bonfire, Burton, Celtek, Dalikfodda, Forum, Head, K2, Lobster, Nike 6.0, Salomon, Skullcandy & Vans.

Filmed during the 2010/2011 season in Bear Mountain, Lake Tahoe and Canada. Keep checking here or the Grindhouse site for details of the new movie ‘Scare Money’ that will out in September 2012…

See the Prequel A side here


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