Grindhouse needs a little help…

Date night at Nandos

The Grindhouse crew are the UK’s leading film crew, featuring the cream of British riders.
Last years film Hallucinate blew many a mind and gained international recognition across the globe.

Our boys Dutton and Nudds peeping the set up – Photo: Jamie Durham
It is getting increasingly harder to make snowboard films and each year.
Financial backing is tricker to come by which means it tough for any crew to complete a project.

Filming this winter is well under way and trust us when we say, the footage already is looking next level.
New spots, a few new riders and the usual heavy hammers.

Stacking hammers – Photo: Jamie Durham

Winter sun – Photo: Jamie Durham

Its set to be another banging production from the crew and as always, the Reason will be supporting the film again… however, Grindhouse need a little help and have started a kick starter project.

Please hit this link below visit the page

Any help would be much appreciated and when you are watching next year movie, will be safe in the knowledge that you helped make it happen.

Not only that, depending on how much you donate… there are some rewards for you.

If you fork out for the big donation, the grand prize is a dinner date with Ollie Dutton in Milton Keynes Nandos.

Ladies… Ollie can’t wait to share some Peri Peri with you.


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