Giro Snowboard Big Air

The British Snow Tour headed to Milton Keynes, SNO!zone on Saturday 25th September for the highly anticipated Giro British Indoor Big Air Championships and Big Air Jam. A high-calibre group of riders turned up to take on the perfectly crafted 10m, 6m & 3m kickers.

Giro Snowboard Big Air Championships & Big Air Jam
Spectators were treated to a multitude of fancy tricks, flips and big airs as the snowboarders gave it their all during the Giro Big Air Jam sessions. The overall Jam session winners were, Sparrow Knox (over 16’s) Matt Cory (under 16’s) and Katie Ormerod (women’s). A special shout-out also goes to Neil Prior from the Master’s category who donned a Super Mario outfit hoping it would give him a Power-Up over the kickers.

In the Women’s Giro Big Air Championships, with British Championship Titles and cash prizes up for grabs, it was defending big air champ, Katie Ormerod who impressed the most and added the 2010 Giro British Big Air Championship title to her impressive collection. Katie landed a big backside 360 over the 6m kicker to take the win. Second place with a stylish frontside 180, melon went to Sophie Nicholls, whilst third place went to youngster Becky Menday, who had been charging the kickers all day.

During the Men’s Giro Big Air Championships, judges were impressed with rodeo 5’s, big 720’s and cab spins. Sparrow Knox, who’d been killing it in the jam session stepped it up and landed a huge backside rodeo 5 on his first run to take the 2010 Giro Big Air Championship Title. Second place went to Mike Austin with his big bag of tricks and a textbook frontside rodeo 5, whilst third place with a big 720 went to Jordan Gee.

Sparrow said “I really enjoyed the new comp format and the jump was amazing, the perfect size.  I’m stocked i won and my winnings are going to go towards my winter season:

Giro Snowboard Big Air Championship Results
Men                                                                  Women
1st – Sparrow Knox – London                    1st – Katie Ormerod – Halifax
2nd – Mike Austin – Cheltenham             2nd – Sophie Nicholls – Bradford
3rd – Jordan Gee – Wigan                           3rd – Becky Menday – Aylesbury

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