Full Moon rising

We’ve been following with interest the development of the Full Moon project – a two year movie project set to highlight the absolute best in women’s snowboarding that is set to debut in Autumn 2o16. And now the crew have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the movie – with some incredible benefits right across the range of contributions… Watch the pledge movie right to the end pow slash and tell us you don’t want to go snowboarding RIGHT NOW!

Some of the best female riders in the snowboarding will work together as a crew to push their limits and capture the camaraderie and adventure that comes with it. Through interviews and resurrected classic footage, the riders involved have been given a platform to pay tribute to the legends. Marie France Roy, Helen Schettini, Robin Van Gyn, Leanne Pelosi, Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman and Annie Boulanger will be filming for Full Moon. Editor Clayton Larsen and Cinematographer Ben Webb will be working together on production.

Director and Producer, Leanne Pelosi said, “Full Moon is attempting to build a piece of history and preserve our cultural heritage in snowboarding. By bringing this legendary crew together we are aiming to build community in snowboarding and empower people to get outside and enjoy the mountains.”

Currently, Full Moon is working with limited resources and the main goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise 25k towards hiring a secondary cinematographer for the 2016 season and to help with post-production costs. The money is needed to make sure the film is completed to a level that matches the caliber of the women involved.78308607b5950e2ef2405a3c85d13106_originalb92b0a806e8cde807aeed1686a39ad83_original

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