Fivers for Trannys

Thrashmore from Dalikfodda has put together what looks as though it’ll be the most fun competition of the summer at the Castleford Sno!Zone. With full support from Monster, It’s going to be amazing – you know where you need to be on Friday 13th! No entrance fee, you just have to pay for your slope time…

On Friday the 13th of July, Castleford Sno!Zone will host a host a snowboard session which will pit shredders against a unique course designed in a collaboration between Jonny Russell, Tom Guilmard, Will Smith and Thrashmore. We will build the closest approximation we can to a skate bowl on a downhill slope. The course includes TRANNYS, gaps, jibs, hits and bermed corners (see picture!).

There will be no registration, no bibs, no entrance fee and no start marshalls. Win CASH for snowboarding like a BOSS! Choose your line and impress the judges with clean riding and ‘out of the box’ thinking and win a grubby fiver right there and then! We will have three judges. If two judges give your run a nod, you get that fiver on the spot. A couple of decent lines and your petrol is paid for. A few decent runs and so are the beers! Riders are not against each other, rather all are against the course. The judges will especially favour new lines and different gaps or stepping up the tricks. if you take the same line as the guy before you only need to throw in a spin over that gap to keep the cash rolling. With 500 quid donated by the rad guys at Monster, in used, non-sequential (untraceable) five pound notes, the cash prizes will become available as soon as the first rider drops in. Because the features are likely to take a beating, there will be no warm up and the comp is done when we either run out of prizes, the course falls down or the world ends. Because of the format, its up to you guys how you go. If the course turns into a texas deathmatch, the judges will do their best to watch as much as possible, but some stuff might get missed. It will be RAD though!

Also, the event is to be covered by The Reason Magazine and we will have filmers and photographers literally everywhere, so as well as winning STUFF, we can make you famous for snowboarding dangerously.**IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRY SOMETHING MENTAL, MAKE SURE THAT THE JUDGES ARE WATCHING … OR AT LEAST THE CAMERA GUYS**Stomp something extra gnarly to win a special spot prize. we have Lobster boards, hoodies and tshirts, dalikfodda hats and tshirts and some awesome Vans product! Do something lame to win a scotch egg or a porn magazine (a copy of Forty plus, kindly donated by jamie nicholls). The top rider over the whole night will win the “best tranny 2012” award, which is likely to be a shit 80s trophy in fake gold and marble. DAMN!!

We will update the event over the coming days as we have some even more extra special stuff planned, so watch this space for extra prize categories for EUROCARVING and hopefully getting a band on the snow during the event.

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