Five minutes with David Lambert from West Snowboarding

West Snowboarding is a small, cool, brand out of Switzerland and they’re quietly helping to push the direction of snowboarding in Europe. We caught up with co founder, ex-pro and all round ripper David Lambert to ask some questions about the brand.

How long have you guys been in business and why did you start West?

We started WEST in 2013, 1st collection was in shops in Fall 2014.  Starting WEST was a ‘dream come true moment’, something we has been wanting to do for long time. We started because of two main reasons. 1) as one of the most famous country in the world for snowy mountains, with plenty famous snowboarders we thought it was strange that Switzerland had only one snowboard brand and that it would make sense to be the fresh new one. 2) then back in 2013, we also thought that snowboard industry was kinda reaching the lowest point ever and that this industry would need a little “kick”, or refreshment, with some new brands. I know it sounds strange since now in 2018 there are now tons of new brands showing up but just five years ago it was very different.

David killing it at Snowboard Spring Break in May 2018. Photo: Ian Sansom

Your team seems really important to you, with the line of team inspired pro boards – why is this?

Snowboarding is made by snowboarders! Not only just to develop and test the best quality products, but also – and especially – to share and show the full package, lifestyle of snowboarding. I used to be pro myself and now, somehow, it’s my turn to give something back, helping these guys to live their dream to the maximum. I wish we could do even more for them.

Why is board shape a big part of what you do?

It’s our signature. As a small brand, we have to show and offer something different and original. Of course, we first want our boards to be the best performing and efficient on the market, but it must also work great. We worked endlessly on choosing the right shape for each board and it’s paying back because we found the right formula.

Which are your favourite boards in the line?

My no1 is the Cpt Achab, the best shape we have ever done in my opinion. I spend most of my shredding time far away from busy slopes in the backcountry. In my area the mountains are pretty mellow, not crazy steep and I’m still a freestyler, so this board is the perfect tool for shredding all the features in da pow and riding switch 40% of the time.  In more intense freestyle days in Park, I use the La Hache likemany of our riders, I especially love the Leo version this year with a photo of beerpong in the center – kinda back to 90’s style. And then, for hangover Sunday with the family I go for Salaz which is more mellow and demands less strength on legs.

What’s next?

Constant holidays would be nice 😉  We have grown the line quite a lot these last years and feel like now it’s pretty much complete and we need to make sure that every product we launch is one of the best on the market. So we decided to breathe a little more but…. still…. Next year we will add the two things we feel are really missing in the line: a splitboard for women and boards for the youth. I’m not familiar with everything that’s out there, but our Youth board might be one of the first built to shred powder! We have seen that it was drastically missing in the market.

Thanks for your time, David! Check out West Snowboarding here

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