Every Third Thursday – Signal x Jack Daniels!

Ex-pro snowboarder turned serial purveyor of rad stuff Dave Lee’s Signal Snowboards has dropped their most recent Every Third Thursday edit (actually, they dropped it a couple of weeks ago but we’ve been so busy tanning that we only just round to posting it). Being the owner of Signal and their associated snowboard factory means that Dave and the crew have access to all the tools they need to get creative and come up with new ideas every month and this one’s a doozy

‘Thirsty for a new ETT?! Perfect, because here it is and this one goes down smooth! Gettin’ Barreled rolls south to Tennessee to visit the oldest distillery in America, Jack Daniels and it’s cooperage. After seeing how a barrel is made and learning the process that is whiskey making, the barrel has a very full and interesting life and it is our goal to extend it one more time and turn the used barrel into a snowboard! Whiskey and Snowboarding what could go wrong? Enjoy and please watch responsibly.’


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