Ethos art show coming up in Olso

Summer 2017 starts with some of the biggest international names in snowboarding and art coming to Norway. The Ethos exhibition curated by Peter-John de Villiers, will be hosted at Revir Gallery in Oslo on June 16th.
Norwegian snowboard legend Danny Larsen will be exhibiting and selling original artworks alongside Jamie Lynn (US), Bryan Iguchi (US), Schoph (UK), Scott Lendhardt (US), Aaron Schwartz (CAN), and Peter-John de Villiers (SA). These seven artists undoubtably have had a significant impact on snowboarding and the art sub-culture that surrounds it. The week leading up to the show will see these seven creatives working alongside each other, collaborating and sharing at the Shallowtree studio in Sylling (Lier).
We invite you to join and help tell the story that is Ethos, we hope to see you there.

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