Eric Jackson for Bent Metal Binding Works

Bent Metal Binding Works is proud to officially announce elite free ride freestyle powerhouse Eric Jackson to the BMBW team! Starting out as Lib Tech’s child phenom Eric Jackson has turned into a bearded freestyle mountain whisperer the likes of which snowboarding has never seen. The park and pipe could only hold Mammoth’s favorite son for so long, eventually E-jack started casting his lure in to the more rapid waters of big mountain snowboarding.

  Always bringing some of that Unbound energy and “little shit at Superpark” mentality with him, Eric is as likely to spin a natural 1080 or butter switch backside five as out run a sluff or navigate a pillow line. First known for a half decade of mental Standard Films video parts Eric has been on a non stop tear around the world in photo and film featured along side (and as one of) snowboarding’s best. All culminating with this year’s starring role in Red Bull Media House’s “The Fourth Phase” with some of that soon to be blockbuster’s most memorable shots and hilarious moments.  

 E-jack brings his down home Crowley-banjo-bearded- fly fishing- cheerfulness to the Bent Metal Binding Works team, eager to help us drive further innovation and bomb proof backcountry reliability on his preferred SOLUTION binding model and the entire line over. Check out Eric setting up his board and bindings, ripping some pow and talking shop in the video up now at the all new

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