It’s always fun making this magazine, but some weeks are especially great… We got to spend some time talking to Aaron James Draplin, sole proprietor of the Draplin Design Company who is responsible for the graphic design of brands such as Union and Coal. Head over to his site to see what graphic design should be about – solid, honest and beautiful. He’s also the star of one of the most honest clips we’ve ever seen online – if you care about what you do and sometimes wonder if you’re the only one, then here’s the clip to watch filmed by Jess Gibson, one of the guys directors of  Afterbang. Draplin was a snowboard rat back in the day and has since grown to become among the most respected designers in the world, so spending a few hours talking with him was an honour we’re not going to forget fast. He even said some nice things about us on his blog. Thanks, so much, Aaron.

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