Caught Up: Katie Blundell

This is the first in the series of ‘Caught Up’, where Smithy (The Reason’s web monkey) interviews snowboarders. First up is Katie Blundell.

S: Hey Katie, good to catch up with you finally, Tell us what you have been up to over the season?

K: Haha, that’s okay, you’re a busy bee! So this season I actually just stayed in Breckenridge. I have spent the last couple of years travelling quite a bit with my riding, so I really fancied just staying put and actually trying to learn some new tricks!

S: Sounds nice! Were you with a big crew, or just keeping it tight? Was this a bit of a honeymoon? Congratulations by the way!

K: Oh yeah, I always forget that I got married! Thank you! Yeah, we had a big crew over there. It definitely wasn’t a honeymoon, I was living with seven boys! Haha! It was so much fun, good banter! I had quite a few friends out in Breck from previous seasons there, so this year there just seemed to be so many people to ride with, all the time! More girls to ride with this season too which was nice.


S: Sick, that sounds like you where set for the season! Must be nice to ride with some other girls, guess it must be tough riding in a bit of a boys’ club sometimes or are you egging the rest of the girls on to hit the kicker line?

K: I love riding with boys and girls equally, they both bring something different. But for sure, it was good to have a girls’ crew. There were some days that I was riding with such an EPIC girls’ crew that I just had to keep pinching myself. I couldn’t believe that some of these amazing girls didn’t mind me tagging along with them 🙂 But I do have fun with all the boys too, they dont need any encouragement on the kicker line 😉

S: Cool, who was in the crew – anyone we know or just good mates? What did you end up riding more; the rails or the kicker line? Did I see a couple of posts about learning some new tricks?

K: Well I was living with the famous Das Goose (Angus), and some of his crew, and then just many good mates along the way; some Aussies, some Americans…. even Orla Doolin dropped by to visit! I had the privilege to even ride with some of the chicks that had just got back from Sochi also. I always try to ride kickers and rails equally. Normally Breck is better for jumps and Keystone for rails. Although this season seemed to be soooo windy all the time, so jumping was difficult. I was trying to learn some new tricks, but I need to try harder! Haha! Breck is the perfect place as you have Woodward on your doorstep…. the best place in the world – and the best place to start learning new tricks.


S: Wow, that does sound like an amazing crew, hope Goose didn’t try to make you play dice, it didn’t end well for me!

K: Yes, I did play dice, but not very much. Think they let me off lightly as I was the only girl, and Rich was there to protect me! How did it end for you? Don’t think I’ve heard this story!

S: Oh my dice story is boring, I just got picked on until I was so drunk I was sick on a UK shop buyer in the Rome Snowboards lodge, then passed out. The rest is a story for another time, my friend!

K: Haha sounds like it happens to everyone, think it happened to Calum Patton this season!

A: How come you didn’t make it to Spring Break? I heard you might have had an invite to Miss Superpark?

K: Arghhh things were just as bad this season money wise, and I kept getting all these amazing opportunities to do cool things but couldn’t go to either of those events due to being so skint! But then I had to remind myself that I was so so lucky to have three months in Breck, and to stay there and not travel to any events wasn’t the worst thing in the world by any means! I did get an invite to Miss Super Park, SO STOKED to get that. I’m literally starting saving now for next year so I don’t have to miss it again!

S: Good work! It definitely sounds better than being stuck in England. Well, lets round this out with a quick fire round of questions… When you ride, do you ride with tunes?

K: Yes I ride with tunes, if my music dies, I go home!

S: What tunes get you pumped the most?

K: Eeeerrrr, it’s a bit embarrassing

S: Goooo onnnnnn…..

K: I used to be really into raves when I was younger and hard house dance music… So I find that kinda still pumps me up!

S: Haha, could have been worse, I was imagining ‘Girls just wanna have fun’, ‘Total eclipse of the heart’ or ‘Raining men’, well something like that haha.

K: Yeah, at least it’s not Spice Girls…. Well, only sometimes.

S: So how long do you spend on your sticker job?

K: Ten minutes – just get it done, I’m not a perfectionist!

S: Okay, finally you have a huge list of sponsors, hit us with it.

K: O’Neill, Ride, Dragon, Dalikfodda, Celtek, Rocket Dog, Tignes Spirit, Skullcandy, Bern, Butta, Contour
Don’t know how I managed to get so many! Eeeek my edit’s going to look a bit shit after Aimee’s BANGER edit today! Haha.

S: I’m sure they are well deserved! Well, you are going to have to learn triples now! Thanks for having a little chat with us Katie, catch up with you soon!

K: Thank you so much for doing this for me… Triples next season for suuuure! Also, a game of Dice! xxx



Katie Blundell- Colorado Cruising from katie blundell on Vimeo.


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