Caught up: Harry Winnard

After seeing Harry’s last edit I wanted to do something a little bit different – So we spoke to him about putting something together for us at The Reason. In only a few sessions, Harry and filmer Max have put this edit together. See what Harry has to say and check out the latest edit from the little ripper!

Intro by Max Presky:

I’m pretty sure that Harry gets better with every session. In fact, he’s probably going to need another edit in a few months… His progression hasn’t stopped and I have no doubt that it won’t for a long time. Don’t forget, he has only been standing sideways for 3 years and at 15 there are great things to come. So much steeze and already a bigger bag of tricks than most people get in their lifetime. Harry is for sure a young gun and one not to be forgotten.

Harry Winnard – Wizardry from Harry Winnard on Vimeo.

Smithy: So Harry can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Harry: Ok my name is Harry Winnard, I do a bit of snowboarding and I love it! I ride for TSA, The Snow Centre, Union Bindings, Sandbox and Melon Optics and I’m so grateful for all the support they give me.

S: Nice! It seems that you recently popped up on our radar, once you were put on The Snow Centre team. You seem pretty hungry to throw yourself at a rail, what got you so in to it?

H: I don’t really know, I’ve skied since I was three and I always wanted to snowboard. When I was twelve my mum said I could try snowboarding and I’ve been hooked from there. I sold my skis and didn’t look back! I guess I’ve always loved doing crazy stuff. I was a really hyper little kid, I used to do stupid things, like when I was in my baby walker I would hold my dog’s tail and it would run round the kitchen, haha! I tipped it over a few times. I guess now I’ve transferred that energy into snowboarding, I seem to quite enjoy bouncing off rails.

S: Once you discovered your love for snowboarding, did you start to watch a lot of footage? Or did you just get stoked watching the local dome riders? You have a pretty unique style, which is refreshing to see. Where do you get your inspiration?

H: A mix really, like when I first started I didn’t really dig the edits outside of the UK, because I didn’t feel I could relate to them, but my opinion on that has totally changed now! I used to get most stoked of watching The Grindhouse Episodes and just seeing all the dome guys kill it. With watching locals ride as well you get such a huge range of styles so you start to see what looks good and what doesn’t. When I first started hitting rails I had an awful style!

S: I wouldn’t worry about that, I think everyone has to grow in to their style. If you watched a lot of UK edits and the guys around you, who did and do you look up to?

H: There are so many. Will Smith taught me to hit rails which was pretty cool. I really look up to him and the Grindhouse guys especially; they just look like they are having fun filming. Will, Ollie Dutton, Andy Nudds, Jonny Russell and of course Sparrow Knox have to be my favourites. Sparrow looks so energetic and that comes through in his riding! Also like the guys that kill it everyday in their local domes, there are so many creative riders! My personal favourite has to be Luca Bailey, he’s a photographer but when he snowboards, he is so much fun to watch. He doesn’t really believe in side hits he just has fun and does crazy stuff like lay backs and euro carves under rails!

S: The last edit you put out got some attention out in the States, tell us how that came about and what happened?

H: I’m not really sure. I sent it to the guys over at HOWL mainly because I was wearing a HOWL hoodie and at the time I was (I think other than Will Smith) the only one that had one because they didn’t send any to the UK and the US stores sold out super fast. They liked it and they shared it which for me was like the best thing in the world. When I got the email from Darrel (Mathes) saying he had put it on the website I couldn’t believe it! I read that email probably 100 times, it was so sick for me because like I was next to my idols on their site, like Nick Dirks and Joe Sexton. I couldn’t believe it, and that got me so much attention, my edit went from 300 views to about 800 in the space of three hours after they put it on, which was so sick!

S: We need to talk about that slam you took last week. Talk me through what happened?

H: Last week was funny, I did one hit backboard I was fine, then I went straight in for the gap from the DFD kicker to the down bar back lip. First time I slipped out, then second attempt I went from a tiny bit higher up, but I took a slower line in (not on purpose) and I didn’t realise I didn’t have the speed till it was too late – I tried to save it by just going backside 50-50. I fell short and I went from pretty much flying to a complete, immediate stop stuck under the rail. My knee hurt quite a lot at the time and I had my board wedged under the rail, I didn’t really know what to do because I was stuck, but luckily Max managed to get me out. Watch till the very end of my edit to see it!

S: Sounds nasty! So lets round this out with some thank you’s, who do you want to give a shout out too? Who has helped you so far?

H: Ok. I want to thank all my sponsors, and my Mum for driving me everywhere! All the people that have helped me so much, from when I started to now, especially Luke Lightwood. He taught me so much of what I know. And thanks to all the guys that kill it every day at their local slopes. And thanks to you and the guys at The Reason for this opportunity!


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