Caught Up: Greg Smyth from SS20

The third in our series of getting to know your local shred shop. We catch up with Captain Greg Smyth who sails the ship SS20.
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Greg Smyth

Shop and Opening Hours
SS20, Oxford.
Monday 10-6 / Tuesday Closed / Wednesday 10-6 / Thursday 10-6 / Friday 10-6 / Saturday 10-6 / Sunday 11-4
Describe your shop in ten words or less
An independent Skate and Snowboard store since 1988.
Why should we visit you? 
We stock a great range of products and will give you honest opinions and advice.
Favourite resort and why
Heavenly – Lake Tahoe. It’s a beautiful setting by the lake and has a great variety of terrain and a stones throw from the Casinos. I find America is more Snowboard friendly which makes it a really enjoyable place to ride.
Favourite Trip
Probably Lake Tahoe a few years ago, we went in March and had something like 9ft of snow in 6 days. I had just bought a new powder board and ended up riding it in the trees all week!
Favourite set up from this season 
Capita DOA, Burton Malavita’s and 32 Lashed Bradshaws
Capita Defenders of Awesome
Do you have a favourite rider – if so, why?
I’d say Danny Davis, love his riding style!

Burton Malavita
Who is the biggest snowboarding geek on the shop floor and why?
Me? Smithy definitely would’ve won that award but he’d gone off to sell 32 Boots.
Favourite brand?
Favourite UK spot
Who is the best snowboarder in the shop and why 
It’s got to be Mon, he’s been riding since the 80’s and combined with a complete lack of self-preservation he still shreds hard (when he can walk – get well soon!).
Oddest question or scenario that has happened in the shop 
“Do you sell those things that are, like, gloves but for your feet?”
“Erm, Socks?”
“Yeh, Socks
Favourite binding and boot

Union Contact Pro
Burton Cartels and 32 Lashed
Worst thing about snowboarding 
The cost of going!
Best thing about snowboarding 
Powder runs through the trees, nothing quite like it.
I go on a snowboarding holiday every year but have had the same board that I learned on. This year I want to treat myself to a new boot, binding and board set up. I’m male and love lapping the park however I want something that will also ‘do it all’ if I get lucky with some fresh snow.   What would you recommend ? 
How about a Salomon Assassin, Union Contact Pro’s and some Burton Rulers.
OK Then. Thanks Greg.
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