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Roxy Sunset Art Series £60

Just £60 buys you these Roxy goggles, a bargain in anyone’s book, especially with the spherical lens which offers excellent optical clarity with minimal distortion and a PU injected frame…

Roxy Biotherm £25

Roxy Biotherm £25

Roxy have teamed with Biotherm to create the revolutionary Enjoy and Care fabric, which contains micro-capsules of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and nourishing non-allergenic which, when exposed to friction (i.e. when they’re…

DC adysb03001_supernatant-154

DC Supernatant £340

Developed by backcountry freestyler Devun Walsh, the Supernatant is a directional freestyle powder/freestyle vessel, built to sail straight into the eye of the storm. A floaty micro camber profile (flat…


Transform Photo Incentive Mitt

European based Transform Gloves are a small but growing outfit who are now available in the UK via The Snowboard Asylum. The Photo Incentive mitt is a simple and effective cold…

VANS Infuse

Vans Infuse £320

With more than twenty years in the snowboard boot game, Vans have developed their line to the point that there’s a boot in there for every kind of rider. And…