Burton Hi5 Braehead

Burton have been busy touring the land bringing their fun – and amazing park features – to an indoor slope near you! The latest installment went down in Braehead, Scotland last weekend.

With the word out that the park crew had already started building up snow before the first High 5 got underway, big things where expected from the Braehead park crew. Could they deliver? Not half! This set up was immense, full on slope style course that even had international riders Alex Tank and Tom Klocker pumped.

With the Burton tent as a drop in zone at the top of the slope, the set up meant business. First section was a choice of 3, either the Burton straight bar set as a down rail, a big gas pipe with a donkey dick or the Burton Down Flat Down. Once through this another choice of 3 features – rocket gas pipe horseshoe tap and the all new 7.8 meter straight bar that made its Braehead debut at the High 5. With Burton light boxes and red LED lights lighting up the features it looked cool as sin, but made these features slightly more daunting. The middle section was a rocket gas pipe to the Burton Wedge… which sat the wrong way round on the slope. This had everyone talking pre session and you really had to be fired up for this feature. Next to this was the Burton bench with a box to one side very similar to that of the Tamworth set. Finally but not least the butter box was set at an angle to a close out rail. This course was top to bottom with riders giving high 5’s to each other for making it down in one piece.

We have never seen so many local riders so stoked on what the park crew had created, they literally couldn’t get back up to the top quick enough for another run, with that said they where giving it there absolute all on the slope, some huge slams being brushed off to take a few more laps on this once time only park. Eventually poor Angus Mallock fell victim to the slope with an outrages attempt of a back rodeo over the gas pipe to wedge gap, leading to a broken collarbone.

Park shaper Greg Bow was also out to impress with some great transfers as well as Mark McClement and Stuart Horsham. Local girl Rio Peterson came from nowhere to wow the judges along with Orla Doolin again local rider and Tamworth winner to show everyone she had the skills on her own slope to keep the standard at another incredible level. Big names Ollie Dutton, Will Smith and Jon Weatherly made the long trip north and did nothing but impress, Ollie with some huge styled out back one melons over the Wedge, Jon Weatherly getting a front board through the close out rail that sent the slope in to a screaming frenzy and Will Smith just took the park apart, the young gun was next level and stand out for the night.

Making there way through to the finals Will Smith, Conner Carey, Ollie Dutton, Sam Turnball, Stuart Horsham, Angus McClock, Richard McIntosh, Jon Weatherly, Mark McClement and Jamie Trinder. For the female riders Sophie Anderson, Rio Peterson, Orla Doolin, Helen Fox and Emilia Vanni did enough variation to impress the ruthless Mr Alex Tank to make there way to the finals.
The finals took their toll after four hard hours of riding the legs just gave up the ghost for some, fitness really had to show through or that extra strength from wanting a trick so bad. Orla again took first for the girls with Rio taking second and Emila third. Great to see some new names knocking about the podium spot, putting a wee bit of pressure on those heard off’s. Will Smith had an incredible night but even he was quoted saying to Jamie Trinder ‘that run was so good!!’ who took top spot for the evening with Will Smith falling in closely behind. Sam Turnball always a delight to watch took third.

It was a great night for the locals, the fact that this park was never going to exist again showed through. The Scots’ gave it there all and where rewarded as such, the on slope fun and smiles continued onto the Glasgow streets till the early morning with all talk of the Fun that had been had and props given to all those who rode. If this atmosphere is going to continue to the next High 5 stops this event is just going to get better and better. I think we may even see a Scottish invasion.

The Results

Girls Kids:            Youth Girls                  Female Senior
1st    N/A              1st Katie Ormerod      1st Orla Doon
2nd    N/A            2nd Valia Chapman      2nd Rio Peterson
3rd      N/A           3rd N/A                        3rd Emilia Vanni

Boys Kids                           Youth Boys                      Men’s Senior
1st     Brandon Bow          1st Sam McGrath           1st Jamie Trinder
2nd   Tomski Robinson     2nd Matt McCormick     2nd Will Smith
3rd    Fin Bremner            3rd Barry Cairns            3rd Sam Turnball

See you at the next stop – 4th November at Castleford Sno!zone and don’t forget to check out all the footage on Burton Hi5 2011 Facebook.

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