Built on Boards – Ben Ferguson Rides the Burton Custom

Some say the mark of a great snowboarder is the ability to ride it all. Look no further than Ben Ferguson, and his all-terrain attack vehicle: The Custom.

First developed in 1996, the Custom was the result of a mission to find a one-board answer for all terrain. Terje Haakonsen, Dave Downing and Burton board guru, John “JG” Gerndt worked together to make a powerful snowboard that thrived in every environment. Backcountry, side country, groomers, pipe, jumps, jibs –  the Custom delivered, and quickly became the most trusted and versatile board around. After over 20 years of innovation, it still reigns as the one board that rules it all.

As for Ben, well, you could say that he and the Custom were made for each other. He’s what they call a rider’s rider. Raised on the wavy slopes of Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor, Ben developed an early affinity for using everything in his path as a feature. Put him on top of a backcountry line, a terrain park, or a halfpipe, and he’ll show you something unexpectedly awesome. He’s stood on podiums at the Burton U.S. Open and the X Games, but he’s also stood alone on top of hair-raising lines in Alaska, with camera men hanging out of helicopters to catch his every turn. Each contest run and video part he makes contributes to his reputation as one of snowboarding’s most stylish ATV riders, and he does it all on The Custom.

A proving ground for new concepts, the Custom has helped shape many other boards in the line, and has been a showcase for our most innovative technologies. It’s grown to feature sizes for kids, splitboard versions, the Custom X with its ultra-high-performance ingredients, and options with both the precise control of Camber and the more free-flexing feel of Flying V™.

There’s a Custom for every rider. They all include the same quality construction, and the same sustainable solutions, like FSC™ Certified wood, and Burton’s bio-based Super Sap® epoxy. These two factors make for a reduced carbon footprint, and eliminate any contribution to harmful deforestation practices. Because every generation to come should be able to experience the absolute freedom of riding it all.

Visit us at burton.com and make sure to check out the new Custom. Go on Youtubeto find out why Ben relies on the Custom as his preferred choice of snowboard.

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