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It’s been more than twenty years since Dragon’s founder Will Howard started the brand from his garage in Capo Beach, California, but Dragon still represents the sports that it has since day one – surf, snow, skate and motocross. For more than two decades, Dragon have been at the forefront of eyewear technology and have pushed the envelope of product design, while supporting the grass roots of the sports they’re involved in. Quality, technology and innovation have been Dragon’s watchwords since day one and their 2017 line exemplifies that approach.


transitions_lockup-copyDragon have made good use of the Transitions lens technology and consumers have been lapping them up. Transitions adaptive goggle lenses feature a light base tint for when there’s low or flat light outside, which automatically change colour as the light does, darkening when you encounter bright sunlight. Perhaps what’s most surprising is that the change is imperceptible to the wearer. What this means is that you don’t need to carry spare lenses around with your and endlessly fumble with them as the light changes. The Reason’s Harri Bennett said ‘So nice! Adapts effortlessly to the changing light conditions, ensuring vision is always crystal clear’.


Dragon wowed the winter sports world with their Transitions lens technology and now they’re set to do it all over again with their new LumaLens tech. LumaLens offers ultra high definition vision across a wide range of the light conditions you’ll experience on the hill and gives you enhanced colour vividness , increased contrast and more precise depth perception. This is done by filtering out  haze and glare light while intensifying clarity and contrast. Simply put, you’ll be able to see better on the hill in all weather conditions. Adam wore them at Snowboard Spring Break and said ‘Really nice tint and worked well in changeable conditions. Dave tried them too and said ‘Amazing lens, helps so much. The best I’ve tried all week’.

X1 from £150

x1_flux-brown_heroDragon were  one of the first brands to offer a frameless goggle and the X1 is the evolution of that. A large fit  gives and expansive field of vision that offers unencumbered forward and peripheral vision, which means there’s no annoying frame shapes anywhere in your view. What’s more, the lens is quickly and easily detachable so that you can swap lenses out super fast when necessary. There’s also superior air flow all around the edge of the frame reducing the chance of any condensation build up and an optically correct spherical lens that curves around your face and offers distortion- free vision. Conor rode them at Snowboard Spring Break and said ‘Awesome visibility in shite conditions. Makes you look like a boss’.

X1s from £150

x1s_hone-emerald_heroThe X1 offers superior vision thanks to it’s large frame, but with that comes a large size, which some found were too much for their face size and shape, so Dragon introduced the X1s that offers all of the technological benefits of it’s bigger brother, but in a medium fit version. You still get the premium performance and seamless helmet interface, just in a smaller fit. Wendy said ‘I’ve got quite a small face and normally find goggles with large lenses squash down on my nose / cheeks and are generally uncomfortable – these did not. I love them. Lenses great in all range of light’.

X2 from £185

x2_mason-blue_heroThe latest evolution in Dragon’s Advanced Projects collection is the Advanced Projects X2, which has been based on their industry leading and patented frameless lens technology. The x2 features more technological innovations with the release of Swiftlock Lens Tech – a pair of small yet strong integrated levers that make swapping your lenses out a near instant experience, with the bonus of offering a more secure retention of your lens in the frame than ever before. Swiftlock is designed so that you don’t even have to remove your gloves to swap lenses, helping to keep you hands warm and your lenses fingerprint free. Harry said ‘Favourite goggles to test! Awesome field of view, super clear with zero fog!’

X2s from £185

x2s_tgr-collab_heroA smaller fitting version of the top of the line Dragon X2, the X2s offers all of the tech of it’s bigger relation  but in a size more suitable to those with a small face shape. It still has the optically correct spherical lens, but has a wider field of view to ensure that there is no obstruction form the frame. The X2s also incorporates Dragon’s patented Swiftlock technology which not only allows you to swap your lensese super quickly, it also locke them firmly in place for increased security. Matt said ‘Never fogged up once, clearest goggles I’ve used. Pristine in the worst conditions I’ve ever ridden in’.

NFX from £110

nfx_onus-grey_heroThe distinctive styling of the NFX was a game changer when it was introduced and it remains so today. A thermoformed cylindrical lens gives the user perfect clarity in vision and takes Dragon’s patented frameless design and matches it up with a classic flat lens look and oversized frame to offer a wide, unrestricted angle of view for all of the benefits of a frameless design with cutting edge styling. Linus from TSA said ‘Brilliant goggles! Comfy frame, grippy strap and lenses are a beauty. Edges feel relaxed and lets you focus on the riding rather than having to work your eyes out’.

NFXs from £110

nfxs_petal-blue_heroA smaller version of the NFX for those with a smaller face shape, the NFXs employs exactly the same technology built into a more compact size. The medium sized frame is engineered with a little extra peripheral vision to ensure that those with a smaller face shape still benefit from all of the tech advances of the NFX frame shape. Tom said ‘Very comfortable goggle. Close fit but fairly wide angle vision. Feels solid with the vent protectors’.

NFX2 from £150

nfx2_danny_heroThe latest iteration of Dragon’s Advanced Projects division, the NFX2 brings innovation to the NFX frame shape with the inclusion of Swiftlock technology, which hallows you to change your lenses in second and secure them into the frame effortlessly. Award winning looks and technology make the NFX2 the most advanced cylindrical lens goggles in the line with next level clarity, adaptability, and style. Fraser said ‘Clearest goggle I’ve had in flat light but also sun. Fits like a glove with my helmet too’.

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