Brage Richenberg

Brage Richenberg is an exciting individual to watch. Not only has he got a huge bag of tricks, he has an effortless style and it’s clear when seeing him ride that he truly loves snowboarding. After having a few tough seasons due to injuries, Brage – or B-rage to his friends – has become one of the Shredbots crew and has consequently put down some really entertaining edits for our enjoyment. We caught up with him to chat about quad corks, his new promodel with Vimana snowboards, his best buddy Torstein and much more.

You started out riding contests but recently have been competing less and filming more. Are you going to focus fully on filming from now on?

I have always loved to do a contest, that’s why I always did them. But the last three years I’ve been struggling with a lot of injuries such as broken ankles, dislocated shoulder and I even broke my back in three places. While I was rehabbing from all those injuries, the contest level just exploded and I just got so eager to get back and learn those new tricks that I forgot to finish my rehab and that lead to new injuries. After I broke my back, I just focused on getting healthy again and spent a lot of time just having fun on my board and that’s what I can do when filming. So yeah, my focus is now on filming and shredding.

You are best buddies with fellow Norwegian Torstein Horgmo, what have you learnt from riding with him?

I’ve definitely learnt a lot of weird tricks; we always try to come up with new shit. But also the mental part of snowboarding and that you can’t forget to have fun. I’d say that’s what I have learnt from him the most.

We’ve seen you film with the popular Shredbots crew, how did you get started filming with them and how is it to do trips with those guys?

I guess it just started when I got in touch with Torstein and we started making edits together. At the end of the winter in 2014 he invited me over to Mammoth and Grand Targhee to have fun in the slush, but it ended up as a shoot for the first Shedbots movie. Going on trips with the Shredbots crew is always a blast. We are a good group with a lot of different personalities and we all want the best for each other.

You are known mostly for your park skills but recently you went on a street mission to Quebec, how did you find that trip? 

I have always wanted to go on a street trip so I was super stoked when we went over there. Street is a lot of work but it just makes it so much sicker when it works out. What I learnt from that trip is that I could not film street for a whole season, you basically don’t do a lot of snowboarding in the street. You ride into the rail, balance and ride out, that’s it. So I needed some park laps here and there just to carve and enjoy snowboarding, that’s what kept me motivated. But when I look back at the trip it was awesome.

Backflip with consequences. Photo: Shredbots

Is it tough adjusting from park rails to street?

It’s different; I still haven’t found a rail in the street where there are no sketchy obstacles around the rail. It’s just always got way bigger consequences than a regular park rail.

How is it possible that Norway produces so many good snowboarders?

I’m not really too sure, but I think it’s a mixture of us all being really stoked on snowboarding and we ride in pretty shitty conditions whilst we grow up. That’s my guess.
Around the bend. Photo shredbots
You are now riding for Norwegian brand Vimana that gave you a pro model for 17/18 how does it feel to have a pro model with them and how much say did you have in creating your board?

I am so fricking pumped about getting my own board from them! It’s a dream come true and it’s a really sick brand with just good guys. I got to do whatever board I wanted basically, but I tried all the boards they had and I just fell in love with one of them in particular. So I got together with PJ the artist for Vimana and we created the graphic to put on the board, I am so happy with the result.

What are your plans for this coming winter season?
Ride as much as I can and stay injury-free and create some good footy.
You’ve surprised a few people with tricks in the past, most notably your double backflips off knuckles, have you ever tried a triple off a knuckle?

No no, I haven’t even thought about that to be honest haha.

Speaking of triples, what do you think of the whole triple and quad corks? Are you backing those and will you ever try and get them on lock?

I’m backing it, now as I have pushed contests a bit to the side, I love seeing the guys just sending it but I get even more stoked about seeing some new creative stuff that looks really good. People can do whatever they want on their boards, that’s snowboarding. So I’m not hating on quads and all that, just send it! I am pretty sure that I’m never gonna get a quad on lock.

What is your ideal day?
Snowboarding with good friends and then make an edit of the day in the evening.

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