Billy Morgan’s at it again!

GB Park and Pipe snowboarder Billy Morgan has been pushing the limits again at the Stubai Glacier in Tirol, trying to add a second and equally technical version of a quad to his impressive list of achievements.

Billy broke the internet in the spring of 2015 by being the first snowboarder to land a ‘quad cork’ – an achievement Transworld Snowboarding named as ‘Trick of 2015’. Soon after, Canadian snowboarder Max Parrot became the second rider to land a quad, this time a quad underflip. And in the Autumn of 2015, Norwegian rider Marcus Kleveland became the third rider to get the quad in the bag.

Now Billy will make an attempt at Max’s quad underflip, captured here at the Stubai Zoo funpark in Mission 31 of the GB Park and Pipe team’s #ProjectPY2018 series.

Will Billy become the only rider to land two types of quad? Is the jump big enough to get the estimated 3-seconds of airtime needed for the trick?

All is revealed in “Mission 31: Billy Morgan Upside Down Four Times Again”

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