Bataleon clothing

Not content with taking the world by story with their snowboards featuring Triple Base Technology, Bataleon’s new line of clothing looks like it will add to their already killer range.

“We are proud to present Bataleon’s inaugural outerwear range. With almost a decade of experience on our snowboard range, developing technical solutions to material problems, we applied the same ethos to our outerwear. We took three things that we didn’t like about snowboard jackets and fixed them, tweaking the hood and collar, articulation and zips in the process.

Technicality was always going to be central. Our full line is rated 10K for both water resistance and breathability, so you will be drier than a Pampers baby! With the extra functionality that we added, we believe that we have created a range that works without sacrificing anything in their aesthetic.

Tailored cuts work with sizing options to yield the most versatile outerwear collection ever: We have two complete outfits; one is tailored in a generally fitted style and the other features in a more relaxed cut. The items all work alongside each other and can be mixed and matched. The sizing options determine the look so that our relaxed pants become slimmer fit in smaller sizes and vice versa.

Whether you are into the baggy or fitted look, prefer cargo or jean style pants, like a classic or longer jacket, we can sort you out. Check out the Bataleon site for more information.”



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