Bangers and Cash

66438_468280396559341_1851678892_n 164484_468280403226007_1170923874_nNews of a new event to take place during The Brits this year – it looks like fun!

23rd-30th March 2013, Tignes, France

So with a brand new venue hosting the BRITS this year, it only seems right that we also include a brand new event to celebrate our landing in Tignes (‘yes finally’ we hear you say). Much to everyone’s delight, a dedicated rail event that goes by the name of ‘Bangers & Cash’ will dominate the official Skullcandy Après Session on Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th March. Providing the ultimate in post-shred ambience, Skullcandy will be dropping a selection of après beats along with the latest headphones into the hands of all British Champions  –  great prize or what?!

As we all know the UK houses some of the best rail dawgs in Europe and so the BRITS felt it was time to cater for this marginalised yet uber-talented group. With a complete departure from the structure and tension of competitive formats, the new rail focused jam event, will, as you may have already guessed, dish out cash in exchange for bangers.

Buoyed by some X-Games rivalry, the Tignes park shapers have taken it upon themselves to outdo their US counterparts in the design and creation of the Bangers & Cash arena. Run as an open jam, judges will focus on successive designated zones, qualifying riders through to the final and plying them with cash in the process.  To ensure everyone gets their fill, there will be no elimination process, as all riders shred through the course up until the chosen few battle it out for the top spot.

And so, the stage is set for the appearance of some of The BRITS best kept secrets such as Will Smith, Ross Needham, Tom Guilmard, Ollie Dutton, Matt Higson, Gazza Andrews, Si Foster, John Weatherly to name a few… it’s got ‘front cover’ written all over it.

Cutting edge headphone brand Skullcandy will take care of business throughout the week at the official Skullcandy Après Sessions. Serving up phonic delights to accompany the post-shred beer, Sound by Skullcandy will kick off every day from 4.30pm-6.30pm at The Couloir bar in the centre of Val Claret. In addition to supplying the daily beats, Skullcandy will be presenting all Championship medal winners with a set of next-level headphones from their Supreme Sound Collection.  We’ll have pairs of their recently released and celebrated Aviator, Navigator and Uprock headphones to crown both snowboarders and freeskiers.

Skullcandy will also be bringing the turntable prowess of two time MOTY (mix of the year) winner DJ Irk to The BRITS for a night of heavy hitting bass and precision scratch routines.  Irk will be sharing the stage with the critically acclaimed Nextmen for a headline night that will go down in BRITS history… keep up if you can!


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